What's New
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August 12, 1999

Added the guitar tabs for Faithfully and Lights

May 12, 1999

Added 60 mp3 and Real Audio sound files to the Sound Gallery

Modified the layout of two discography lyrics: Feeling That Way and Faithfully. I hope to update the other soon.

December 13, 1998

Added a video clip from the movie Caddyshak where Rodney Dangerfield turns on the radio and it is Journey' Any Way You Want It.

November 17, 1998

Added several pictures of Steve Smith.

July 18, 1998

I added another movie, which is a promo for the Atari 2600 Journey Escape game. I quickly designed a page on Steve Perry & the USA For Africa project, which includes sound clips, a movie, and screen captures. Enjoy.

June 28, 1998

I have added a long video clip of Who's Cryin Now to the Movie Gallery.

June 6, 1998

As promised I have uploaded the Aynsley Dunbar drum solo from the Chicago Soundstage, 1978.

May 23, 1998

I divided the Multimedia page into two sections. One for Movies and one for screensavers, etc. New movies include Don't Stop Believen, Steve Perry's You Better Wait, Missing You, and I Am. In the coming week I plan to upload a Cain keyboard solo, a great Aynsley Dunbar drum solo, and a few more videos.

Created a Help Documents Page for those who have problems with my web page (such as printing).

After 2 1/2 years I finally decided to change the layout of the members page (actually only for Jonathan Cain -- others to follow).

February 21, 1998

Joe (JR Del Piano) sent me two more sound clips. One is a instrumental version of "Winds of March" and the other is the Oh Sherrie B-side song "Don't Tell Me Why Your Leaving."

January 8, 1998

Added nine new midi files files all programmed by Kelly John.

January 6, 1998

Added three new Journey tablatures (It's Just The Rain, Message Of Love, Don't Be Down On Me Baby), transcribed by Oscar.

Repaired (or removed) dead web links from my pages.

December 27, 1997

Add three sound files from concerts dating backto 1978. Thanks to Michael Kumm for the samples.

November 15, 1997

Reservations for the Journey convention is now closed, so I removed all the information from my site.

November 14, 1997

Added the concert programs for Infinity and Evolution to the tour books section. Thanks to Ron South for scanning both books.

October 24, 1997

Sony Music changed their web address to the official Journey site, so I updated all Sony Links from my site.

Added the midi file "Who's Cryin Now", Programmed by Kenji Nabeta, to the Midi Gallery.

September 27, 1997

J.R. Del Piano sent me a sound sample of the unreleased song With A Tear (with vocals by Steve).

Added two new midi files "Just The Same Way" and "Be Good To Yourself," both programmed by C.J. Ambrosia.

September 13, 1997

Added two more midi sound files: Only the Young by Kohji Takahashi and Any Way You Want It by Tomoko Doi.

September 13, 1997

Added two midi sound files (Lights #2 and Lovin Touchin Squeezin) both programmed by Kohji Takahashi.

September 7, 1997

I made a minor update to the Journey FAQ. I plan to have a major update by the end of the year.

September 1, 1997

Joe (JR Del Piano) sent me two Steve Perry sound clips from the USA For Africa LP. One is his classic line from "We Are The World" and the second is a line from the 'b-side' song "If Only For A Moment, Girl."

John Wood was kind enough to program "Lights" in midi sound format for everyone.

August 23, 1997

Today I modified my main page (including the Tour Information and Music Chart pages). The layout I designed last week did not fit properly on 640x480 screens. I will be away the first half of this week, but when I return I plan to continue to with they 'blueish background with white text' layout. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know. Also, I really recommend adjusting your screen size to 800x600 and 16 Million colours. It's a zillion times better.

August 22, 1997

Added the midi sound file "Stay Awhile" to the Midi Gallery.

August 7, 1997

Added two graphics enhanced by Shelly Davis. One to the Tour News section and the other under Previous News.

Added a new wallpaper graphic by Mike Tenaglia to the Wallpaper Gallery #2.

July 23, 1997

I am making minor changes to the layout to some of the pages (main page, members page).

June 28, 1997

Added two new midi files "Message Of Love" and "Can't Tame The Lion", both programmed by C.J. Ambrosia.

June 28, 1997

Added a new photo of Steve Perry while on his FTLOSM tour.

June 14, 1997

Updated the Journey FAQ.

Enhanced the layout of the Journey lyric pages.

Added four new pictures to the Picture Gallery, including two of Steve Perry, one of Neal, and one of the band during Frontiers.

May 27, 1997

Added a fourth midi version of Don't Stop Believin, programmed by Jason Kelty of Escape.

May 13, 1997

Added a third Journey Budweiser Commercial (from the 70's) to the Sound Gallery. Thanks to Britt for sending it to me.

May 9, 1997

Added the cover art and song titles For Body Language to Jonathan's Page.

Made minor updates to Jon's, Steve Smiths, Steve Perry's, and Neal's discography.

April 22, 1997

Coverted all my WAVS to Real Audio 3.0 and move the midi sound files to its own page.

April 15, 1997

Updated the list of Journey's Past Concert Performances.