Journey Tribute Page
Thanks / Credits

Firstly, I need to thank Hunter, Britt, and Dan for creating and/or maintaining the Journey Mailing List. I quickly learned that I was not the only die-hard Journey fan remaining in the world. Everyday I look forward to reading the digests.

Secondly, I need to thank all the members of the Journey Mailing List for your stories and keeping everyone informed of any news about Journey and the reunion. I would have absolutely no news updates without you.

Also, all the fans who have sent me information on their own. Everyone's contribution has greatly improve the Tribute Page, both with Journey info and everyone's feedback about the layout.

Doug Ingram for his generosity.

Michele Hildebrand, Duane Gossiaux, Mike Sorrentino, Jasparina Mahyat, ChrisP, Lora Beard, Thomas Mehren, and Irving Azoff for their huge contributions and continuing support.

Lastly, the members of Journey and those connected to the band for producing the best music ever. Forever yours, faithfully.