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mp3 Remember MeFrom the Armagedon Soundtrack
Winds Of March (Instrumental)Origin unknown. Thanks to J.R. Del Piano.
NextLive in concert New Jersey, 1978
Wheel In The SkySuperjam II, 1978
With A Tear (with vocals)This version was never released. The instrumental version was released on Time3. Thanks to J.R. Del Piano.
I Can See It In Your EyesTrial By Fire (Japan) - Bonus track, only available on the Japanese version of Trial By Fire. This song really rocks!
Budweiser Commercial #1Budweiser Commercial - These commercials were recorded for the Evolution Tour in 1979.
Budweiser Commercial #2Budweiser Commercial
Budweiser Commercial #3Budweiser Commercial
"Journey's on the road again"Steve's crowd pleasing line, which he adds to the concert version of Send Her My Love.
Raised On Radio promoFrom a Raised On Radio video promo. "You're listing to station JRNY where we play all Journey, Raised On Radio. So Be Good To Yourself from the #1 band in America."
Elmo's ThemeThe song was recorded by Jonathan Cain and Steve Smith. Usually played before concerts on the Frontiers tour.
For YouRobert Fleischman - Perfect Stranger
Ace In The HoleRobert Fleischman - Perfect Stranger
Far Too LongRobert Fleischman - Perfect Stranger
Southern LightsRobert Fleischman - Perfect Stranger

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