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Frontiers (from Brazil)
Infinity #2
Wheel In The Sky
Separate Ways
Line Of Fire


Escape Logo
Escape is probably the best known Journey tribute band. They're from Cleveland, Ohio, and have been playing since 1993. Sadly, in October 1997, Escape disbanded due to internal problems.

Check out Escape's web site.



Infinity is a new tribute band from the Southern California area, who have been together for about one year and hope to start playing the club scene soon.

The Infinity live show is modeled after the Escape tour, with parts from other concerts thrown in. The band doesn't look like Journey, but sounds identical with Steve Perry's clone out in front sporting the trademark "tails" and "Nike's." The group has been in intense rehearsal mode for the last few months perfecting each sound and vocal parts. A digital recording is nearly finished, which will be synched up with live footage for the group's promotional package. This will be made available to any of the Journeyites upon request. The band plans to begin touring in October (Coincidence? I think not) More to come!

Rick Snider: Vocals
Age: 32
Veteran tribute artist, started Led-Zepagain and Infinity
Dark hair, brown eyes, 5' 9" tall
Huge Steve Perry fan
Favorite Album: Frontiers
Favorite Song: "Once You Love Somebody"

Darryl Oliver: Guitar
Age: 31
Blonde hair, blue eyes, 6' 0' tall
Likes Journey, Van Halen
Favorite Album: ROR
Favorite song: "Stone In Love"

Pat "The Professor" Morvan: Bass
Age ?
Brown hair, brown eyes, 6' 0" tall
Likes Jazz, Rythm & blues
Favorite Album: Escape
Favorite song: "Happy to give"

Rhonda Rubio: keyboards
Age: 28
Blonde hair, Blue eyes, 5' 7''
Classical pianist & soloist
Favorite Album: ROR
Favorite song: Open Arms

Dana "The Animal" Oliver: Drums
Age: 29
Brown hair. blue eyes, 5' 9"
Singer, songwriter, entrepreneur
Loves all styles of music
Favorite album: Infinity
Favorite song: "Girl Can't Help It"


Check out Infinity's web site.

There is a second tribute band named Infinity, who have been together for eleven years. They are one of the top five draws, club-wise, in Chicago and have been voted Chicago's best tribute band for the past four years.


The newest tribute band is called Captured and originate from Detroit, Michigan.

Captured members are:
John Burnham - Lead vox age 31
Daniel Blanzy - Guitar
Ken Williams - Bass age 33
Kevin "C" Sharpe - Keyboards age 27
John Cosgrove - Drums age 24

Wheel In The Sky

Wheel in the Sky is a tribute band based out of Reno, Nevada and base their shows on the Infinity tour. Currently they perform in local cities such as Reno, Tahoe, and Northern California.

They are in the process of designing their own web page, so stay tuned...

Separate Ways

Separate Ways is a tribute band originating from Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Check out Separate Ways' web site.

Line Of Fire

Line Of Fire is a tribute band from the Los Angeles area. The band has been together for several years under the name of Artica, and have released a CD of original material entitled "As It Should Be."

Check out Line of Fire's web page.

Frontiers (from Brazil)

The Band:
B.J - Vocals age: 26
Edu Cominato - Drums & Vocals age: 18
Fernando Saffi - Keyboards & Vocals Age: 25
Leonardo Mancini - Guitars & Vocals age: 23
Kuki - bass & vocals age: 29

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