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December 97: Irving Azoff (Journey Management) announced that there will be NO TOUR (or another reunion album) until Steve Perry's hip is healed, which will probably require surgery. So, it could be a year or more before the band will think about touring.

October 97: No new information about the reunion tour. Journey management still has nothing to say about the tour (or any future Journey plans).

June 97: I have heard that Journey will start working on a 2nd reunion album in September. After they release they album they will go on tour. So, it is possible Journey will tour for the summer of '98.

March 27, 1997: Sony Music removed the "announcement coming soon" notice on their tour page. There is now no text on the page.

March 97: The latest rumors say that Journey's ten year reunion tour will be delayed even longer because of Steve Perry's injury. He suffered his hip injury while hiking in Hawaii, three days after recording the Trial By Fire album.

When I spoke with Journey's new manager, Irving Azoff, in December, he said said the tour would probably start around April 1997. By February tour plans were still not released. I spoke to him again in February. He said that he still hasn't started planning the tour and then admitted that there is the possibility that Journey may not tour at all.

In March a reliable source reported that Steve will undergo hip surgery. He also said that Neal and Jonathan will work on a musical score for a movie. When it's done they hope Steve will be ready to tour.

March 15, 1997: Billboard Online released news on Journey's tour:

"Journey, who has scored a major hit with its first album in 10 years, "Trial By Fire," will not be touring this summer behind the platinum project. According to sources, lead singer Steve Perry, who hurt his hip on vacation quite some time ago, is not up to touring. Perry's "medical options are being researched," says a source, and an announcement regarding his condition will be made within a few weeks."

November 11, 1996: Pollstar The Concert Hotwire briefly mentioned Journey in its Concert Tour Gossip section.

"With the new Journey album selling very well out of the box, concert promoters are eagerly anticipating the group's upcoming reunion tour. Although no dates have been officially announced, the group had reportedly been planning to hit the road in February. Sources now say that timetable might be jeopardized by Steve Perry's chronic back problems. The schedule now apparently depends on how Perry responds to therapy treatments."

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