Tour 1986/87

Transcribed and scanned by Duane Gossiaux

Journey's Raised On Radio is the Bands' tribute to an institution that carried each of the band members through their growing up periods-the radio. Hearing music on the radio holds something special for each of them, and most likely for you too. When you hear a certain song, it reminds you of a moment-your freshman year, a special summer, when you first met someone, the pain of breaking up, of the backseat of a car. Moment are made permanent when they are connected to a song you heard on the radio.

Radio is a very personal experience, for it has no pictures; you allowed to let your imagination run wild. You can visualize for yourself what you hear.

Radio has linked the world for decades and carries a great power. As an example, on the night before Halloween in 1938, H.G. Wells' science fiction thriller "War Of The Worlds" was broadcast on the radio. Read in style of an emergency news broadcast, it described an army invasion of New Jersey by Martians. The radio play was done with such realism and conviction, hundreds of thousands of people's imagination got the best of them. They really thought they were being invaded by Mars, and a huge panic was caused throughout the country.

Radio helps trace time of your country and the times of your life. From the worst to the best events in your life, you always remember what had been going on when you hear a certain song. Radio has and will continue to take you on a journey of magic times,

So put the top down on your car and take a long long drive in the country with that radio blasting-you'll be creating magic moments for the future. And feeling is what Journey wanted to capture with Raised On Radio-those golden moments that only your imagination can conjure up.

Steve Perry: Lead Vocals

Possessing probably the most identifiable voice in contemporary music today, Steve’s vocal range goes virtually unchallenged among his peers. One minute he’s rocking with the intensity of a 7.3 earthquake, and the next, he’s effortlessly seducing an audience with a passionate ballad. He just doesn’t sing word’s, he caresses and colors them. That’s one of the reasons he was asked to sing a solo verse for We Are The World. Steve’s flawless production on Raised on Radio (as well as his double platinum solo effort, Street Talk) highlights yuet another facet of the multi-talented singer/composer. With this tour, he’ll once again prove he is the ultimate showman…and the best at what he does.

Neal Schon :Lead Guitar and Vocals

Neal is somewhat of a guitar chameleon. By the participants' own admission, Neal's solo on the hard rocking Hear `N Aid project completely smoked. Several days later, he traded licks, stood toe to toe, and poured hi soul into an extended jam with B.B. King. And it's Neal that provided the instrumental trademark on Raised On Radio. He shines, soars and throws in an inventive guitar explosion whenever it's appropriate. His diverse playing styles are just examples of his complete mastery of the guitar. He provides the stylish counterpoint while his guitar strings spit fire. Neal's obsession with his instrument has even inspired him to design and create his own guitar. You've heard it on record, now you'll see it live

Jonathan Cain: Keyboards, Guitars and Vocals

When Jonathan joined the band in 1980, he brought with him an abundance of enthusiasm, skill and most of all, boundless talent. His musical contributions to Raised on Radio are evident on every cut, breathing life into every song. His swirling keyboard passages and pulsating synthesizers have become just as identifiable as Steve's voice and Neal's guitar. A prolific songwriter, Jonathan not only co-wrote every song on Raised on Radio, but even contributed songs to Heart, Loverboy, Balck N' Blue and Jimmy Barnes this past year. His energy is astounding. His talent is staggering.

Mike Baird: Drums

Journey auditioned a lot of drummers before Mike walked through the door. Bit once "Pooh Bear" beat the skins, the long search was over. Recognized as on of the top drummers in the industry, Mike is renown for his powerful muscular technique and is probalbly the closet thing to a human metronome there is. A seasoned rock `n' roll veteran, Mike's played with such artist as Rod Stewart, Hall & Oates, Rick Springfield, Eddie Money, Tina Turner and countless others. He's energy ion motion-and one helluva nice guy.

Randy Jackson: Bass, Keyboards and Vocals

No he doesn't have a famous brother named Michael. And Yes, he is without a doubt the most sought-after bass player in the country. For the past eight years, Randy has been laying down the rock solid foundation upon which mountains of hits have been built. Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Lionel Richie and Journey have known it. So have jazz luminaries Billy Cobham, Herbie Hancock and Jean-Luc Ponty. Randy plays it all-and he does it with a fluid style all his own. Listen, watch and enjoy.

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