Tour 1978

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Infinity Cover

Journey's Journey

What started five years ago as a jam session in San Francisco has turned Journey into one of the most successful and popular groups around today. The four members of the group have traveled the world, performed for millions of fans, and established themselves as one of the premier "touring" bands in the Country.

Now, a new voice has been added to this fabulous troupe in the person of a new lead singer whose name will no doubt be a rock-household name, Steve Perry. Journey's new Columbia album, Infinity, explores musical vistas never before heard, presenting Journey as a distinctive and unique band. Steve Perry's voice is amazing; sensuous and powerful. His timing and phrasing are superb, remaining the listener of a Sam Cooke. If this seems a pretentious superlative, just wait till Journey takes the stage. Steve is an Aquarian from the tiny town of Hanford, CA. near Fresno. Trained in voice all his life, he comes to Journey poised and ready. A listen to the new album will convince you Steve is the perfect complement to an extraordinary band.

Neal Schon, Journey's extremely gifted and delightful lead guitarist, has been playing professionally for nine years. Now, at the age of twenty-three, Neal's playing has become legendary among his fans and fellow musicians. Ask just about anyone in the business who their favorite guitarists are, and chances are, if they've heard Neal play, you'll hear the name Neal Schon among the top five. Neal is a Pisces, and absolutely devoted to his instrument. On the road, you can usually find Neal in his hotel room or backstage at the gig playing one of his Les Pauls, a Telecaster, Stratocaster, or Guild Acoustic. Onstage, Neal's playing is clean and powerful. Each solo swirls and resolves into the body of the melodies with great sweep, grace, and precision. If you're into some fine guitar playing, you've come to the right gig.

In the percussion department, Journey is fortunate to have all the bases covered with class in the person of Aynsley "The Hawk" Dunbar, one of the world's most renowned drummers. Aynsley has played on so many albums, for so many great artists, that it is safe to say, if you've ever listened to Rock 'n Roll, you've probably heard Aynsley's playing. In concert, a Dunbar solo is an experience not to be missed, a pure joy to hear and see. In short, a masterful time-keeper, and a wonderfully gentle and compassionate man as well, the mighty Capricorn of percussion continues to anchor this great band with his incredible consistency and artistry.

Folks have been listening to Gregg Rolie's playing and singing since the first four Santana releases. Gregg now shares lead vocals with Perry on Infinity, and his voice is sweeter than ever. Gregg's playing on his Yamaha CP-70 Electric Grand Piano, Mini-Moog, SLM String Machine, and Hammond B-3 Organ, continues to develop and explore new keyboard horizons. On his time off Gregg can usually be found at home in Marin County near San Francisco composing and rehearsing new material. A musician's musician, a Gemini's Gemini, Gregg is always on top of the action, and is a big reason for Journey's glowing reputation in the live performance world.

Journey's secret weapon is Bassist Ross Valory. An Aquarian like Steve, California born and classically trained on the piano and guitar, Ross has developed his craft considerably, and he stands out in concert; gold locks tossing to the music, his face animated and changing as the tunes unfold. Ross has been playing for many years now, since the days of the Haight-Ashbury, when he played first with the Fruminous Bandersnatch band and later with Steve Miller. A vital and cohesive element in Journey's profile, Ross is a big favorite with Journey fans everywhere.

So site back or jump up, get down and stay high, here we go. If you've ever seen a Journey show before, you know that you're in for a treat. More than ever, the show you're about to see is the result of some very careful planning by the Journey production crew. Stage Manager Greg Schafer, formerly with the Tubes, and his crew have labored since early this morning to set up everything just so. Ken Mednick our Lighting Designer, is probably one of the best in the business. Ken spent his apprenticeship with Aerosmith, and Loggins and Messina. The clean sweet live sound you're about to hear is being mixed by Mark Linett, formerly Sound Mixer for Frank Zappa, and Earth, Wind and Fire. Scotty Ross, and Jackie Villanueva, who used to take care of equipment and stage for Santana, are up there now keeping an eagle eye on the gear and our special effects equipment. A lot of work and planning go into all our shows, and we're sure you will enjoy tonight's performance.

Well, we're glad you could come tonight. Thanks for being the greatest fans in the world.

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