Escape Tour Book Cover
Tour 1981/82

Transcribed and scanned by Duane Gossiaux

What began as the dream of a few people has finally become the greatest phenomenon in rock & roll today……JOURNEY!

Escape #1
Sun Plaza. Tokyo, Japan 1981. Journey's third visit to Japan, the land of beauty and friendship.

Escape #3
Infiniy Tour 1978. Covering 112 cities, with 172 shows, in just four and a half months. "Nothing for a tough guy"

Escape #4
Evolution Tour 1979. Steve Smith is pictured here expending a controlled explosion of endless energy, on tour that established Journey as a super star arena attraction.

Escape #5
Departure Tour 1980. With it a "passage of greatness". Fourteen years, fourteen platinum albums and live audiences totaling over ten million people. An amazing career for keyboard player and vocalist Gregg Rolie, who decided to retire from Journey following this tour which covered Europe, Japan and the United States.

Escape #6
Captured. Platinum! The finest quality sound on a live album and one of the best successful double live albums ever produced. This record typifies Journey's ability to deliver performances that go beyond what can be realized in the studio environment,

Escape #9
Steve Perry: Lead vocals. A range that would astound an opera fan and an unsurpassed rapport with every person in the audience. He's a man in love with his craft. The consummate composer, singer and entertainer

Escape #10
Neal Schon: Guitars and vocals. A man of obsession! His focus has been the guitar since early childhood. He continues to pay respect to his contemporaries by pursing that obsession.

Escape #16
Jonathan Cain: Keyboards, guitars and vocal. His brilliance and drive has been the perfect addition to Journey. He's also one of the mot prolific purveyors of song writing ability in the business today.

Escape #17
Ross Valory: Bass and vocals. The bottom line gentleman of rock & roll. A prisoner of his own endless mirth.

Escape #19
Steve Smith. Drummer "crunch" as he is nicknamed possess a rare blend of enthusiasm, love and aggression in the daily assault on the drums. He has never ending energy for the music, tour, and the people across the trek on the many nations of the world.

JOURNEY was born New Year's Eve, 1973, at the infamous San Francisco music hall, Winterland. Formed by former Santana members Gregg Rolie and Neal Schon, former Steve Miller bassist Ross Valory and drummer Aynsley Dunbar, Journey epitomized the future of "rock & roll" behind the famous guitar work of Schon, the keyboard majesty of Rolie, the rock-solid bass of Valory, and Dunbars English rock heritage.

Eight years, nine albums later and three personnel changes* later, Journey has consummated its attack on the rock & roll mainstream with the release of ESCAPE, Journey's latest and most successful album of date.

Rare is the group or artist who outlives the public's cry for the new and the sensational, and even rarer still the artist who is able to influence and direct "contemporary" sound of music until that sound represents what the public wants and expects. Journey is the only group in America oday with that insight and ability.

Through constant touring in the United States and abroad, Journey has opened new roads to audiences from England, Germany and France to Japan and Australia, and have been seen by millions of people, offering then the most dynamic and exciting live music exhibition imaginable. This has made Journey the most in-demand group worldwide.

One of the key elements of Journey's success must come from the diverse talents and abilities of the musicians. Steve Perry, Journey's impassioned lead vocalist, is not only a singer extraordinary, but is equally at ease playing either bass or drums in rehearsal, not to mention his occasional solo performance on the keyboards. Guitarist, Schon, when not on stage, is never seen without one of his many guitars, and is quite often seen experimenting with the latest synthesizer equipment, to perfect his already flawless technique and presentation,. Valory, the bassist, can likewise be seen offstage with his portable tape recorder, chronicling the events of the day for prosperity.

Drummer Smith is usually seen offstage practicing his drumming with sometimes no more than a pair of sticks, percolating on any available surface, and when not practicing, descends into his grand collection of unusual percussion instruments he has collected in his international travels. Journey's newest member, keyboard virtuoso Jonathan Cain, spends his offstage time learning new keyboard and guitar parts in addition to writing new collaborative pieces with singer Perry.

There is hardly ever a moment when one or another member of Journey is not creating something new and exciting for the legions of Journey fans, and its precisely for this reason, for the fans, that Journey continues to rock & roll around the world.

Each year, Journey's show is updated, both musically and technically, with the annual modification and enhancement of live presentation through re-design of the Journey stage, as well as the integration of the latest technological advancements in the areas of sound and lights.

Journey is an example of creativity necessity. Within the last year, Journey has scored the soundtrack to an internationally produced film,. Member Schon & Perry have embarked on solo projects, and Journey's live shows has been complemented recently with the addition of an animated film.

Ultimately, this has been done for you. Journey's fans, as you have rightly come to expect the best, and for you the millions of fans, Journey could do no less. Come aboard, and JOURNEY with us.

*August 1977: Steve Perry joins. September 1978: exit Anynsley Dunbar, enter Steve Smith (from Montrose). December 1980: Gregg Rolie retires. Jonathan Cain leaves the Babies and joins Journey.

Escape #2

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