Top Journey Singles

The results from this survey were taken by members of the Journey Mailing List during June 1996, organized by Rick Tasher. There were 50 voters who participated in the survey.

RankSong TitleTotal PointsTotal Votes
2Don't Stop Believing62.517.5
3Winds of March369
4Separate Ways288
5Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'23.59.5
6Feeling that Way/Anytime237
7Send Her My Love22.56.5
8Stay Awhile226
10Wheel in the Sky20.54.75
11Stone in Love206
11Sweet and Simple206
11Why Can't This Night Go On Forever207.5
14Any Way You Want It19.57.5
16Open Arms197
17Mother Father18.338.33
19Edge of the Blade155
19Good Morning Girl154
19Only the Young154
22Be Good to Yourself146
22Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love)144
24Something to Hide133
24Still They Ride134
27Girl Can't Help It105
28Ask the Lonely9.334.33
29Walks Like A Lady93
29Who's Crying Now92
31After the Fall83
31I'll Be Alright Without You84
34Dixie Highway62
35City of the Angels51
35Little Girl52
37Eyes Of a Woman41
37I'm Cryin'41.5
37Natural Thing41
37Opened the Door42
37Precious Time42
37Too Late42
44Of a Lifetime31
44On a Saturday night31
47Troubled Child2.51.5
48Chain Reaction21
48When You're Alone it Ain't Easy21
48Where Were You20.5
51All That Really Matters11
51Do You Recall11
51Happy to Give11
51Lady Luck11
51Look Into the Future11
51Loving You is Easy11