Top 18 Concert Songs
You Want To Hear Journey Perform Live In Concert

Orgainized by Nancy Julian

Here are the results of the survey 'Name The Top 18 Songs You Want To Hear Journey Perform Live In Concert.'

171 one of you responded to this challenge. Each song listed was given one vote each time mentioned. The results are posted below with the number of votes each song received in parentheses.

RankConcert SongVotes
2Don't Stop Believin121
3Lovin Touchin Squeezin113
4Seperate Ways107
5Message of Love105
7Open Arms102
8When You Love a Woman98
9Anyway You Want It97
10Wheel In The Sky87
11Stone In Love86
12Send Her My Love70
13Girl Can't Help It64
14Can't Tame the Lion57
15Who's Cryin Now57
16Be Good to Yourself54
17Easy To Fall52
18One More51

There is our dream concert. Out of the top 18, 2 were from Infinity, 1 from Departure, 3 from Frontiers, 4 from Escape, 1 from Evolution, 2 from Raised on Radio and 5 from Trial By Fire.

Here are the other tallys:

Coming in with 2 votes each was: Back To The Innocence, Can Do, Captured by the Moment, For the Love of Strange Medicine, Good Times, Hustler, I'm Cyin, It Could Have Been You, Kohoutek, Opened the Door, Precious Time, She's Mine.

And with one vote each: All That Really Matters, Caribbean Blue, Destiny, Drift Away, Dead or Alive, Elegance on the Catwalk, Go Away, Into Your Arms, I Am, If You Need Me Call Me, jailhouse Rock, Karma, Let the Good Times Roll. Look Into the Future, Next, Of a Lifetime, Running Alone, Roadrunner, Somewhere There's Hope, Someday Soon, Sand Castles, Young Hearts Forever and When I see You Cry (?).

Quite a great body of work..No?

Much thanks to Skylord, Steven and Jasparina for all their help and support.

Thanks for playing! See you at a show...