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MS Plus! Themes

Journey Theme (735k)

Requires Windows 95 or higher and MS Plus!, but both are not absolutely necessary (you will have to do everything manually and not everything will work, though). The theme includes the Journey screen saver, sound samples in WAV format (for sound events), animated cursors, and icons.

Arrival Startup Screen (55k)

This is the Japanese album cover for Arrival as a startup screen for Windows 95 and higher.

Screen Savers

Journey Scarab

The Journey Scarab screen saver consists of a large Scarab (from Time3) bouncing around the screen. It is available for Windows 3.x and Windows 95 (38K). NOTE: Also required is the file VBRUN300.DLL.

Several people have inquired if my screen savers are available for the Macintosh. Unfortunately I do not use the Macintosh so at the present time the Scarab screen saver is not available. Hopefully there is a Mac programmer who is willing to volunteer their time to program one for the Macintosh.

Sony Music's Trial By Fire

Sony Music has released their own Journey screen saver (1MB). The screen saver includes the the Trial By Fire album cover and Journey's web address floating around the screen while creating artistic effects. It is available in both Windows and Macintosh environments.

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