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The front of the shirt has a Caricature of the Band with the AOL triangle logo on the tip of Steve's finger. On the back of the shirt --"Journey's Fans-The Faithful Ones, Deep Groove Chatroom and Backtalkers of the MMC and Journey Digest." The idea of the shirt was to have a shirt that when a concert comes along you could wear it and be identified as a Online Journey family member.

If you are interested in having your VERY OWN, VERY SPECIAL, ORIGINAL DESIGN, NON FOR PROFIT SHIRT. Please follow the instructions below:

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ALL SHIRTS are Black 100% Cotton printed with White GLO Ink.....yes my friends the ink glows in the dark !!!

SIZES: Medium, Large, and Extra Large ONLY

The prices are as follows:

1.) Tank: $ 22.00
2.) Regular Short Sleeve T-Shirt: $ 24.00
3.) Long Sleeve Mock Turtleneck: $ 26.50
4.) Hooded Long Sleeve Pullover Sweat: $ 30.00
5.) Matching Small Design Cartoon Drawstring Shorts: $ 11.50
6.) Matching Small Design Cartoon Drawstring Sweat Pants: $ 27.00

Prices are within United States. Additional charges for out of Country, mailed separately, for those that this applies too. If you are ordering from outside the United States e-mail me first at Captured27@AOL.COM (Please Place in SUBJECT BOX: T-Shirt Order) to inform me what you plan to order so I can give you the correct postage cost.

These prices include Postage and Handling along with a precentage fee to pay for the shirts that have and that are still being sent to the Band Journey, Members, their Personal Management, to Sony Management as well as their Engineering Staff.

THIS IS A NON-PROFIT PROJECT.....yes they have already been sent to the band, before you ask for clarification on that point. :)


On a piece of paper written clearly just let me know what you are ordering and the amount for each order. WITH A RETURN ADDRESS PLEASE : )

NOTE: NO personal checks for this project. ONLY POSTAL or BANK Money Orders/Drafts will be accepted. I advise against the sending of cash through our postal system but if you need to.....send it at YOUR OWN RISK.

Make Money Orders payable to Pam Harris/Captured By The Moment, send to:

Pam Harris/Captured By The Moment
270 Carlton Street
Buffalo, New York 14204-1127

You may also, for a double checking method, want to send me an e-mail at Captured27@AOL.COM (Please Place in SUBJECT BOX: T-Shirt Order) This will let me know that your order is coming and I can return your request all the more quicker, also letting me know what you have ordered. Allow 3 to 6 weeks delivery, most likely it will be quicker :)

Thank You

E-mail: Steven Lake
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