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Journey Memorabilia

Vacation's Over Tour Memorabilia

You can now purchase Journey memorabilia at the Official Journey Site. Currently they have t-shirts, tour jacket, a hat, and a sticker.

Journey Collectables Center

The Journey Collectables Center is a posting area where anyone can leave a message to trade, purchase, or sell memoraiblia (rare CDs/LPs, bootlegs, etc.).

Sheet Music (Piano, Guitar, Vocals)

Artist / Composer

Journey T-Shirt

Journey / AOL caricature T-Shirt / shorts / sweat pants. Caricature of the Band with the AOL triangle logo on the tip of Steve's finger.

Steve Perry (SPIN) / Journey Force Merchandise

Sadly, Journey's old fan club (Journey Force) and Steve Perry's old fan club (SPIN) no longer sell any merchandise.

On-Line Music Stores

For hard to find CD's by Journey and the related bands (HSAS, The Storm, imports, etc.) see my section On-line Internet Music Stores.

Collector CD's, Video's, LP's, etc.

There are several places to get collector CDís and videoís, but most places are expensive. The best place to obtain them are through members of the Journey Mailing List. Not only do they have a large variety of rare CDís and videos, their cost could be as little as the shipping and tape costs.

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Journey Tribute Page