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Convention Update.....October 6, 1997

It is my pleasure to post an update and answer a few questions that I or the Travel Agent or Hotel has Received Regarding the Upcoming Convention. READ THESE CAREFULLY. Things are going wonderfully well so far : )

  1. Will the band Journey be attending??
    NO...This is a 'Fans Convention.' This is for fans to meet other fans, this in NO WAY, SHAPE, or FORM related to the band attending.

  2. Can the travel agent give me a better price on the convention package if I call her??
    As it was posted before she is only one part of this venture and it is a group rate that was set considering several factors, The Hotel, The Dinner and The Tour Agency.s This is a GROUP RATE and THAT IS WHAT IT MEANS A GROUP RATE.

  3. Can I work a deal to pay my way with you (meaning Pam)??
    NO this isn't being done for profit, It is a test to see if it was possible and it was organized because it sounded like a fun adventure. I have placed my personal credit on the line and therefore NO FREEBIES.

  4. What are the prices for events If I don't want to attend certain things?
    There are 2(two) prices One which includes the hotel lodging and one that does not. The hotel package is $320.00 and the non hotel package is $160.00. If you can not attend a certain event that is up to you but these packages can not and will not be divided.

  5. What happens to my money if you...lets say die??
    Your money will be refunded...unless I go insane before I die than in that case I spend it : )~

  6. What happens to the money I send you??
    It is deposited into a non-interest baring account and the hotel, tour, dinner is paid out of it by issuing registered drafts to the various places.

  7. If the convention is cancelled do I get my money back??
    Yes you do, that was a contracted clause I requested.

  8. What happens if I make a deposit and and emergency arises can I get my money back?
    That depends. I have a contract clause that releases a total refund for EMERGENCIES ONLY, 90 days prior to this event occurring. That is only with the hotel. After that period only a percentage will be returned. I would encourage people to try and sell their spot...but as I said only in case of an emergency so please don't try and pull some crap on me : ) In case you don't know what constitutes an emergency this means sickness, death in the family and I know the Hotel would want some proof before refunding you total amount.

  9. Does the band and their management know about this venture?
    Yes they do, I have been updating them during the entire planning of this event.

  10. Does Lora and Cyndy of Fan Asylum know about this event?
    Yes they know.

  11. If I get a room can't I let my friends stay and sleep on the floor?
    No the hotel requires that all who participate in the convention be registered through the committee. If you are not you will be removed for the hotel and the convention events.

  12. Can the travel agent or hotel tell me information more than has been posted?
    NO NO NO they can't. They have been instructed to either tell you to contact me or tell you NOTHING.

  13. Can I bring stuff to trade?
    Yes but let it be known that there will be NO booths set up for selling of bootleg material. Also that if something is taking from you the committee, the travel agent and hotel ARE NOT LIABLE.

  14. Can the travel agent or hotel tell me Information more than has been posted?
    NO NO NO wAY ...yes I have posted this again. They have been instructed to either tell you nothing or to tell you to contact me. I did this again because it seems to be a couple really unintelligent people that keep calling :)

  15. What can the travel agent do??
    Her job at this point is the help anyone that is in need of transportation to and from San Francisco from their home.

  16. What can the hotel do at this point?
    Nothing they won't deal with you at all.

  17. Is Pam(Captured27) sorry she began this venture??
    No I'm not I think it'll be great when it comes off, and I'm growing more excited as the time draws near..... What I am tired of at this point is the degree of slickness amongst some of the people who have looked to cheat their way and mess up this venture. But as I posted before it was expected, but I do feel sad that such a great band has some really crappy people as fans. But I suppose dirty people everywhere. Now if this doesn't apply to you don't get all bent outta shape. If it does than ohhh okay : ) heeheehee.

That concludes the question and answer period for the update if there are more concern that I see within email I will post them. As a Reminder..The first Installment is due on October 23, 1997 of $130.00. The information on what to send and where to send it has been posted on several Journey Related Web Pages under the Convention Links. For those of you that have made your deposits your, return package info will be mailed out very shortly and Thank you...It's looks like this Journey is on the Road.

Sincerely, Pam Harris.