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  1. When entering information don't use the "Enter" key. Everything will automatically word rap. And unfortunately at this time you can not add blank lines.

  2. Try and keep this posting center on the topic of Journey collectables. The trade of solo material and Journey-related bands (Bad English, The Storm, etc.) are also encouraged.

  3. I designed this database as a listing/posting center and not a message (discussion) board. Feel free to talk anything about collectables, but if you want to start up large conversations, please visit the message board at the Official Journey Web Site.

  4. I take no responsibility if someone gets ripped off. It is your own risk to trade, sell, or purchase collectables (bootlegs) with another person.

  5. No foul language. I hate it (and that includes replacing part of the word with "*"). I will automatically delete the message.

  6. At this time I don't know how long I will keep each message on the board. Currently the only way to delete a message is to e-mail me.

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