MIX 107.3 (Washington D.C.) Interview
(December 12, 1996)
Transcribed by Jackie Morgan

Transcript of the MIX 107.3 Michael J. Fox Eighties Music Show presented on 12/12/96 at 1900.

While I was transcribing this tape, I had to decipher a lot of the guys talking over each other, lots of laughter & them trying to fit a lot of words in before the next voice cuts into the conversation.
The legend is: SP = Steve Perry; NS = Neal Schon; JC = Jonathan Cain; IA= Irving Azoff; &
MJF = Michael J. Fox.

SP OK, I'm Steve Perry & I'm here. And this is Neal Schon.

NS Hi.

JC And I'm Jonathan Cain.

MJF We're here live with the guys from Journey via satellite hookup. They're nice enough to hang out with us. Guys, give your names one more time so everyone recognizes your voices.

SP OK, I'm Steve Perry and I'm here.

NS And this is Neal Schon.

JC And I'm Jonathan Cain.

MJF Ok, now we're going to throw open the telephone lines here at 1-800-727-1073 and find out what the listeners want to ask you guys tonight. What's your question for Journey on MIX 107.3?

CALLER Well, my name's Mike and I'm just wondering when they're going to be back in Washington, DC?

MJF What about you, you got a question too?

CALLER The name is Brenda (MJF - yeah) and are they going to tour the DC area?

MJF And you've got a question for Journey too?

CALLER And I want to know when Journey's coming to town.

MJF Forget about Santa coming to town, you want to know when Journey's coming to town.

CALLER Absolutely.

MJF Heh, heh, I guess we know what everybody wants to ask about, right? Well, when you guys going to come?

SP & NS In the summer.

JC In the summer.

SP The summertime.

JC We're going to try to get there for the summer.

MJF Are you guys ready to do any (SP When it's warm ) outside - a concert tour yet? Have you put together any kind of plans?

SP No, but we're talking about all that right now. The plans.

NS Actually, Irving's here, our manager's here, right now.. & he's looking at us right now.

SP And he looks as if he's about to talk to us right now about it.

NS (laughing) The mike is off.

MJF Well, put him on 'cause everybody wants to know when you're coming to DC.

SP Get on the radio, Irving. C'mon.

MJF Put Irving on.

GANG C'mon, Irving, get on the radio. Irving, on the radio. (laughing) Put Irving on.

MJF We want to talk to Irving. (laughing)

SP Turn Irving's mike on. (laughing)

(everyone's laughing - a lot!)

MJF He's the guy. He can answer.

SP Yeah, they're working on it (the mike). They're working on it. (pause) Ok? Ok.

NS Ok. Great.

SP Ok, go ahead.

(lots of laughing)

MJF Great. Go ahead, Irving.

IA I have no comment.

GANG AAAHHHH!!!!! (riots of laughter)

SP C'mon Irving.

NS He said he has no comment.

SP He has no comment.

MJF He has no comment.

SP You know. No comment. They can't get it together.

NS Hard question.


MJF Does that mean he needs more money? Or what? What's the problem?

SP & NS Nooooooo...

SP Right away you go there.

MJF Hey do you guys have any special riders in your contract like anything you demand in order to do a concert?

SP laughing...

JC Yeah, just...just show up.

(riots of laughter)

JC That's what we demand. Just show up.

SP We demand that people come.

JC People come. Come see us.

SP We demand that the house be sold out.

NS Come have some fun, huh?

MJF No, well, everybody's the stories about how David Lee Roth will have special colored, oh I don't know, M&Ms or whatever backstage...

JC Yeah.

SP Well... you know it didn't quite work for him.

MJF Obviously.

JC Something happened there, the M&Ms. He should'da eaten the green ones, he probably wouldn't be..(laughing)

SP Maybe they would've still been together if they would have ate the green ones.

Rest here... Station goes into "Anyway You Want It"

MJF Washington's MIX 107.3 Night Mix is on. I'm Michael J. Fox via satellite. It's Journey with us tonight. Why don't you guys wish everybody a Merry Christmas or something. Can you do that?

JC Hi. This is Jonathan Cain from Journey saying Happy Holidays.

NS Yeah, Neal Schon too.

SP And this is Steve Perry wishing each and everyone of you a very happy holidays from MIX 107.3.

Rest here... Station goes into Gin Blossoms "Jealousy"

MJF Hey caller, you want to say something to the guys right now?

CALLER I just wanted to say thank you so much 'cuz the music industry needed the kick in the pants. The new album is great.

MJF It really is guys. We'll be playing something off Trial By Fire for you in just a few minutes. First, you got a question for the guys from Journey here on MIX 107.3 tonight?

CALLER Ok, this is Mark from Mclean (MJF - Mark..) & I'd like to know what kind of cars each member of Journey is driving.

NS You know what I'm driving anymore. I've been thru the cars stages you know & I've got a Farrari sitting in my garage & I never drive it. But I bought a Bronco like (MJF really?) 3 years ago when I was down here in LA & I love the truck man...(laughing). That's my car. And I've got a couple of Harleys - you know - & I'm more into the bikes (MJF yeah)than the cars anymore.

JC I drive a big black Suburban with a kick ass stereo system (MJF laughing). (NS laughing) I put all my kids in the back & tell 'em to Shut up & that's it.

MJF There you go.

SP This is Steve & I have a little Mercedes, it's the first Mercedes I bought when I joined the band. (MJF wow) And I still have it & it still runs nice. Then I have the Portuguese Love Machine.

MJF What is? What is that?

SP Which is...the Portuguese Love Machine is a ..ah...1997 Super Sport Impala with a ah... super charger (MJF laughing) ah... super charger with a header (more laughing)& ah..a blower on it. (more laughing).

This is NOT a typo... Steve actually said 1997. If he's mistaken, he didn't correct himself on the air.

MJF It's a muscle car. Muscle..

SP Muscle car ... yeah...a 90s muscle car.

MJF Hey with Christmas coming up Steve, Steve Perry from Journey, what do you want for Christmas?

SP You know - what I want is - I mean - I've already put the super charger blower on my SS Impala - (MJF laughing) I want more horsepower.

MJF Yeah, heh, heh, heh. There you go.

NS See, I've already done that too with my bikes, the Harleys. I've been working on them for, you know, years now & they're all - you know - blown out so, I mean I've got my toys. My pipes aren't loud enough, tho.

GANG (everyone's laughing)

Rest here... Station goes into Bruce Springsteen "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town"

MJF Ok, caller - you have a question for Journey?

CALLER Yeah, my name is Steve & I need to find out if Steve's hip is doing better. I heard he hurt it rock climbing.

MJF Is that true?

SP That's absolutely true. And I'm sitting here & I'm OK.

MJF What happened?

SP (laughing nervously) I ...ummm ... I injured myself in Hawaii. I ..ummm...we'd just finished the record & three days after we'd finished it I was in Hawaii & I went on a feverish hike which I had done many times in this one area & ummm for some reason that day it was just too hot & I went at it too much & I tore myself up a little bit.

MJF Well, I'm glad you're doing OK. Well, in case you missed it a few minutes ago the guys said they they were going to be doing a big concert tour. You guys are going to be touring the world next year & should be here in DC sometime next summer. I want to know what song you're most looking forward to performing live in DC when Journey returns to Washington with MIX 107.3. What song do you guys really like to play?

NS You know... for me I get asked this a lot, and...and I can't come up with a favorite song. You know ... it's sorta like..you know...they're all great songs. And it's like, how you put them together that makes the show flow well, & you know, I think from night to night that - you know - different songs happen -- one song will be a little better than the night before than next night - the next one.

JC Right. I love to play Separate Ways. I just think that's a rockin' thing & the band just gets into it & it just kinda goes to another place everytime we play it. It's a cool song.

SP I like.. I like Send Her My Love. There's just something about the lyrics of that song..uhh, "it has been so long since I've seen your face", I mean there's just something timeless about it. And it ..it used to sound really great when it would be started off ..&... echo out across the stage into the arena. You know ... it has that...ahh ... Steve Smith intro on it...it's ... it's nice.

Rest here... Station goes into what else...Journey's "Send Her My Love"

MJF MIX 107.3. It's Night MIX. Cool tunes from the 80s & 90s & hot new music from today & tonight it's Steve Perry, Neal Schon &.. & Jonathan Cain from Journey hanging out with me here. This is Michael J. Fox. I still get goosebumps, you guys when I hear that song. It sounds so good. You got a question for the guys in Journey right now? Go ahead. You're on MIX 107.3.

CALLER Ok, my name is Kim &, umm, I have 2 questions. The first one is..do you have any music videos out & if so what are they so I can try & find them on VH1...&...2..what are your love lives like - for especially Steve Perry? (riotous laughter!!!)

MJF Heh, heh, heh... especially Steve Perry!!!

CALLER Especially Steve Perry!!!

SP (laughing) Ok, well.. (deep breath)....I've got somebody I'm monogamously dating at this point.. (big exhale) & it's been great. And...ummm, & that's about it, you know.

MJF In show business? Or someone that's behind the scenes?

SP Uh, behind the scenes & thank God not in show business. (MJF Ok) It would be pretty difficult.

MJF & SP Neal????

NS I'm married & I have a house full. I've got 3 kids (MJF -Yeah!!) & it keeps me very busy. Yeah, my son, Miles, is 8; my daughter, Elizabeth, is 5; & I have a newborn little girl, Sarah, that's..ah.. 4 months old & I'm really enjoying that.

MJF What about you, Jon?

JC Ummm, I married the love of my life, Elizabeth, & we have 3 kids. I just had twins with her, 8 months old. (MJF - really??) Lissa & Liza, yeah plus I have a 3 year old daughter, Madison (much laughing in the background)(MJF - what is Steve laughing about right now? What is he doing?) 'Cuz I said I married the love of my life, & I did.

MJF Aaaawwwww...

SP (gasping for air thru the laughter) Neal's like...Neal's going to be going, "He's not..he's not doing things right." (gasping for air again)

JC They're just jealous.

NS I'm just being an idiot, you know, that's my job.

MJF Hey, so what's your question for the guys in Journey?

CALLER Hey, this is Brian from Germantown, MD. I'd like to know what inspired you guys to get back together after you broke up.

JC Steve..Steve started the call. He put it into motion. He..ah...I was on a tour .. um... in Tampa doing this radio station; playing golf down there for my solo thing & he called & said, 'What's going on' & I said, 'I'm doing this little record.' & he said, 'Let's talk & get back together & see if there's a possibility of ...you know...reforming the band.' And so we got Neal & we ...we had coffee a lot."

SP (laughing) We had many cups of coffee.

NS Many coffees.

JC Yeah, & we talked about how we could design this thing ..um... to really fly right. We had to get our business in order & then ..you know.. we went right to it pretty much. We took the band & we went to LA & had a blast in this room & it was unbelievable. That's when my wife called & said she was pregnant actually. (laughing)

SP & JC (together) The same day we rehearsed.(laughing)

JC It was like..oh my God & then Neal of course his wife was pregnant later (NS - yeah [laughing]). And so like...yeah...we've had babies & CDs come out.

Station break here...
JC This Jonathan Cain from Journey saying Happy Holidays.

NS Yeah, Neal Schon too.

SP And this is Steve Perry wishing each & everyone of you a very Happy Holidays from MIX 107.3.

A station break again. Played something I can't remember. Not Journey.

MJF We still have callers on the lines waiting to talk with the guys from Journey, who've joined us via satellite. What is your question for Steve Perry & the guys in Journey on MIX 107.3?

CALLER I want to know...Mariah Carey...she does a knock out version of their song, Open Arms. I was wondering if there was any chance of Mariah Carey & Journey teaming up to do a remake of it?

SP (pause) Wow.

JC Mariah doesn't do duets.(laughing) (SP She doesn't do duets.)

MJF Well, she did a song with Boyz II Men.

SP Well, then maybe she will then...

MJF She did a song with Boyz II Men.

SP Oh yeah, that's right.

MJF And this guy was thinking...he was thinking maybe it would be kinda cool if ..ah...Mariah Carey did a song with Journey.

SP I would think it would be kinda cool if we were in a New York area & she decided to show up & wanted to do it.

JC Who knows. Yeah, I don't think she does many live gigs.

NS She's very sexy.

JC I don't think Tommy would let her. Oh sorry, heh, heh.

MJF She's also very married unfortunately.

SP Of course you know her husband is our boss.

MJF Yeah, I know he is. You gotta be careful of that. All right the ladies in Washington want to know individually each one of you guys...boxers or briefs.

SP Oh me?

MJF Yeah, yes, Steve first.

SP Sorta...ahhh... skimpy briefs.

Lots of laughter.

MJF Ok, the guys from Journey - joining us here via satellite.. will hang out for a few more minutes. Right now we gotta keep the music going after all this is the night MIX 107.3.

Station break..some unknown music.

MJF Ok, we're back with the Journey guys. What's going on with your latest music videos?

JC Yeah, we just made on & it's being ...ahhh..being currently aired on VH-1 now.

MJF When You Love A Woman?

JC Yes, When You Love A Woman with Wayne Isham

SP We're working on MTV, but you know, they're too hip (laughing).

Lots of laughing

MJF Yeah, I know. Too hip (laughing).

JC We're alternative. We're too alternative for MTV right now.

SP We're like way too out there for their people.

JC Yep...ahhh...song's too deep for them. [bear with me on this one, folks JC breaks into a rap beat] ka - koom ka-choom koom-ka-koom choom {makes a cymbal sound with his mouth - can you spell it?? E-mail me & I'll put it in.}

MJF Is ...uh, ok... is When You Love A Woman about a particular woman? Did you have anybody specifically in mind when you did that song?

SP I was...umm...This is Steve Perry by the way...I was going to Jonathan Cain's house to meet Neal & Jon there to write some stuff & I carry a mini cassette player with me around & this song just came to my head ... & I had the chorus, when you love a woman in my mind so I sang it into the cassette player & then I got there & we just started working on the song & the guys finished it. We got it all done. It just sorta came real quick. It's about what should happen inside of ya' when you really do love a woman.

MJF Well, you know what I heard that...uhh..this is like the...umm.. biggest song you guys have done in the last 10 years, so wait a minute...just a second...wait a minute...give me the cue...yeah, there you go...(the dj begins playing When You Love A Woman). Now over When You Love A Woman, he's saying...We're going to play this for you guys - for you Journey. Thank you guys so much. It's been a ball having them on the air tonight. Now give it up for Journey!!! (clap....clap....clap....clap...). Steve Perry, Neal Schon, & Jonathan Cain on MIX 107.3.