House Of Blues Review
By Rick Tasher

Monday December 2, 1996 - Chicago

Les Paul (master) did an hour set with his guys, then came out and introduced Slash (of GNR fame) and Neal. The band had a couple singers and harp (that's a harmonica to the masses) players do a few songs each with Neal and Slash supplying all the lead blues. They mostly took turns cutting riffs. I think the set was about 5 songs long, but it is hard to tell with those long blues tunes that go on and on and on...

A couple of the songs performed were Mustang Sally, and Sweet Home Chicago. I don't remember the names of the others. Anyway, the set was great. Neal did a 'mimic the singer' bit in there as well which was excellent.

Then they broke and the last set was Les and his band plus Neal. They jammed some more, then Slash was called out (he got lost or something cuz he took a while) and they all jammed some more. Finally, there was a big ole super long kick out the jams tune where everyone played a cacophony of blues. It was pretty damn good! Neal and Les did the lick trading thing a little bit for fun.

Les told everyone to go home and when the lights came on, I was wandering around the place when Neal pops his head out of the door in front of me. He was looking for someone, but signed a few autografs then disappeared backstage again.

Final note: Neal carried the show in my opinion. No offense to Slash or anyone else there but Les didn't light it up, and Slash was too busy worrying about who took his cigarettes. They all sounded fine but Neal was a true pro; not stepping on Les' toes, AND carrying the sets in those awkward moments when nobody was playing for a sec or two. He really seemed to enjoy the whole thing. The one singer they had really enticed him to play at one point. I was in awe............