Star94 (Atlanta, Georgia) Interview
(December 21, 1996)
Transcribed by Jas Duve (

Vicki: This is so exciting.
SteveM: Well, for Steve Perry this is actually your second visit to Star94. Remember he was going to do a shift here for us.
Vicki: Thats right, you wanted to be a DJ
SteveP: Thats right, I was going to do 'Love Songs with the Love Monkey after Midnight' for two hours.
Vicki: Thats right. (laughing)
SteveM: Yea, we were going to call you Shot-gun Perry
(Laughter in studio)
SteveM: Well welcome back to Atlanta guys
SteveP: Thanks
Jon: Thanks, good to be back
SteveM: Now who all do we have here, Neal, Jonathan and Steve
SteveP: Right
Vicki: And everythings going great, and so you're going to have a great holiday, aren't you?
SteveP: Yes
Neal: Yes, we're going to have a great time
Vicki: Are you going to be spending time at home with the family? Or doing things like this?
Neal: We're hanging out, having fun, you know, enjoying our familys and spreading the Christmas cheer
Jon: Yea, well we're big familys now. Neals got 3 kids, I got 3 kids so we've expanded
Vicki: Do you have a Tickle Me Elmo for your kids?
Jon: Ya know, my kids way into Barbies, so its Barbie everything right now.
Neal: My daughter just wanted mini-skirts (major laughter in studio)
SteveP: Are you married?
Vicki: Yea
SteveP: You are? Then you can't tickle my Elmo (more major laughter)
SteveM: How about your Buttofuco? (more laughter)
Jon: He'll go for that
SteveM: Alright guys, level with us. Who called who first?
Jon: Ya know actually, Steve and I and neal have kinda had speaks over the last ten years. We've been talking but Steve called me after he finished his solo project and said he felt it was time to sorta put a new spin on our music and he wanted to see if Neal felt the same way, and Neal and I of course you have been working together with Bad English andwe did a New Age album together and different projects and so forth so we been ya know kinda been saying'Yea, lets go'. So we got together over some coffee and sorted out some business things that we talked about, saw a road that we could take, and we all went together. We started recording just ideas over up in Marin County in my studio. Next thing ya know we were in rehersal in Oakland, and slamming down new songs.
Vicki: So tell me the truth, how many people think or how young people think ' This is a brand new group...Journey' ?
Jon: Some will, some will, Yea we don't know. We were just talking about that.
Neal: Thats fine because we feel like we're taking a new start anyway . This is like a brand new record, Trial By Fire, and there's 15 great brand new songs on here. There's rockers, there's ballads, its real diversivied music and I think that anybody that hasn't heard us before will like this.
Vicki: Now, When You Love A Woman, who wrote it and was if for someone special because its like my ultimate favorite song right now.
SteveP: Ah, great. I was driving down freeway going to Jonathan's house and Neal was there waiting and we were doing our writing sessions. And I have a mini cassette player that I keep with me all the time and on the way to Jonathans, out of the blue, the chorus of When You Love A Woman came into my mind and I sang the whole chorus into the box then got there and then we quickly, Jon had all the rest of the parts written out, Neal had some other parts and we put it together and they worked together so we finished it right there.
Jon: Thats was unbelievable that we all had, that we were all on the same page that day. Thats the way this band is. Its very very psych in that way.
SteveM: So then, when you first got in the studio and it really came time to lay some stuff down, we're you shocked? Did it all flow back together quicker and easier than you thought?
SteveP: Pretty much
Neal: When You Love A Woman was the first song we cut on this new CD and I think we got it on the third or fourth take. The band basically played live, the guitar solo are live, everybody is live. Steve sang live, and there's hardly any overdubs at all. So I mean when that popped out immediatly we were "well lets go, lets get into the rest of it".
Jon: I think the process this time, we looked at what was really sucessful in our past and what we had the most fun doing. The albums that we had the most fun making and we said "we want to do it this way, we don't want to do it any other way and we're good at this and if the band can play it we're going to do it" So we didn't force anything to happen.
SteveM: I'll tell you, the first time we played it on the morning show we looked at each other and it sounded like you guys had never left each other side.
SteveP: Thanks
Jon: Thank you very much
SteveM: Well lets do it... lets play the song. When You Love a Woman with Journey here in our studio for our special Christmas show..
~When You Love A Woman~
Vicki: I am beside myself. Journey's with us this morning and we're going to take some phone calls. They're going to be so gracious as to allow us to take some phone calls. Hi, Steve and Vicki, who's this?
Caller: Hey this is Andy, how ya doing?
Vicki: Hi Andy, whats your question?
Caller: Hey Steve, why did the band break up and why did you guys get back together?
SteveP: I was outta dough
Neal: We were'nt
SteveP: No, I'm just kidding (laughing)
Neal: We wanted to be miserable again. (laughter in studio)
Jon: It called Road Burnout ok? What do you want? (more laughter)
SteveP: Yea, we were toast. We were toast!
Neal: We never took a vacation, we toured constantly for ten years. I mean we toured nine months out of a year for like seven of the ten years we played. And it never took a vacation, we never took any time off from each other musically we got burned out, we sorta reached the end of the rope. Musically had no more ideas and just felt like we were going no where slow. So I mean when you reach that point and its not fun anymore it time to give it a rest
SteveM: Its a very interesting time musically because theres such a resurgence of groups coming out again. Kansas is out on the road.....
Jon: uhhhhh
SteveM: Kiss toured recently, now you guys
SteveP: You know, those people are our graduating class. There was a time when we all surfaced at the same time. I don't know, the difference is we really are honestly doing this for the music. I don't know what their motavations are, but our motavation is strickly for the music. I really missed working with Neal and Jon and the kind of energy that happens between us musically and the songwriting process, the recording process.Ya know it brings a certain kind of voice outta me that I can't get anywhere, ya know. And thats only something that happens when you're around certain kinda musical influences, so thats kinda whats going on between us. And a...
Neal: Ya know, I got say to that for years I don't know why critics they like to compare us to those bands whether its Forgiener and all this other. I think we sound nothing like those bands.
SteveP: God Bless you my son.
Neal: And we've been stuck in that catagory and I think it just kinda sucks.
SteveM: Well we'll have them killed.
(major laughter)
Neal: (laughin) Light 'em up
SteveM: Atlanta Star94, 8:28 The Steve and Vicki morning show. Journey, our very special guest on our Christmas show today
Vicki: And I have kinda of a personal question right now guys. Steve, this is for Steve. Steve, talking to some of the women around the office we all agree we need to know what hair care products you use. Shampoo, conditioner ya know?
(Major laughter)
Jon: We've heard that one before
SteveP: goodness...are you serious? You want to know what stuff I use in my hair?
Vicki: Yea, I really do.
Steve: I can't remember, its a brown bottle of some stuff that I just brought thats got this blackberry smell to it and it works good for the shampoo and then there's this other yuckka conditioner that I use that'll I can comb this long thing out pretty good without tangles. I can't remember the names right off hand, otherwise I do an endorsement and probably have a warehouse full of that stuff.
Vicki: Ok,lets take another call. steve and Vicki
Caller: I have a question for Neal. I'm wondering how Journey came up with its name?
Neal: Ya know, way back in the beginning, we were searching for a name for the band and had a contest on KSAN radio in San Fransisco and I think a couple of other radio stations in the Bay area and we were going to give away to the contest winner, whoever came up with a name we were going to choose was going to get a lifetime ticket to see the band and a trip to hawaii or something. So all these names came in, Rumpleforeskin...
(major laughter)
Neal: All kinds of really funny names, we couldn't believe the names that were coming in and a none of them, nobody liked any of them in the band. So there was a guy working in our office with our manager at the time, John Villanueva and he came up with Journey and everybody loved it. We went with that and we gave him the trip and the tickets.
SteveM: Journey, our special guest on our Christmas show on Star94.
Vicki: Right now in the studio its Journey... a little FYI, I don't know how many of our listeners know this but back in 1982 Journey was actually responsible for bring those giant video screens. They put them up at their concerts and kind of everyones doing it now, but that was so people in back row and the back seats could actually see what was going on on stage.
Jon: Thats right,we did. Our manager had a company put together with us and we sorta guinea pigged that whole system. That was when video was kinda going crazy and everybody was spending money making videos, we thought that the people that deserved to see us were the people that came to our shows. And it was alot of money we spent out of our pockets to make it happen. And I think it was worth it in the end because we helped create and pioneer a state of the art viewing system to go to a big show.
Neal: That almost everyone uses now
Jon: And it was really fun.
SteveP: And as the venues got bigger there was a necessity for it because the people in the middle of the arenas and further back really didn't have great viewing of our faces and they couldn't see Neal's and mines nose ya know (laughter in studio)
SteveP: Once you saw Neal and Steve Perry on a huge Barco screen, when we turned sideways it was like two sharks in heat.
(major laughter)
Jon: And me being a keyboard player stuck at the piano all night, it was great to have a camera...
SteveP: But Jon has a small nose..
Jon:Oh, well there you go...
SteveM: So guys, let me ask you this, if there was a bg street fight between you guys and Chicago who would win?
Neal: We would cause we got the original guys here
Vicki: Yea..
SteveP: Thats true...
Neal: We're a bunch of bad mofros...
Jon: (laughing) Whoa...
SteveP: It is the original band ya know.
Vicki: Did you guys ever cut any Christmas tunes?
SteveP: No, we've talked about that though.
Jon: They're kind of elusive, its an elusive thing cause well we could screw around with it and see what happens but who knows.
SteveM: Well this is our special Christmas show that we're doing so we're a little interested on the Christmas side of things, so if you don't mind too.Growing up, we've talked on the air about favorite toys , tell me please any guys, any of you remember the Jonny Seven Gun?
SteveP: No
Neal: No
Jon: No
Vicki: No
SteveM: See no one remember that gun..
Vicki: Thats cause you're an old fart..
SteveM: Nah, these guys are my age..
SteveP: Noooo, we can't be...(laughter)
SteveM: Yea, you can
SteveP: Jonny Seven? What was it..
Jon: I had Fanner Fiftys in my day, it was Fanner Fiftys. You remember those with a caps.....(Jon making cap sounds)..baeww.... baeww ...baeww
SteveP: Jon does (laughinng)
Vicki: Noooo
SteveM: Rapid fire cap gun
Jon: Thats right, Matel
SteveM: yea!!
Jon: That was my favorite gun and it would fire caps and you could draw like Palidin
Neal: I can't remember any of my toys cause I use to rip them up according to my mother.
Vicki: You probably had a Backstreet Barbie didn't you?
Neal: Oh yea, I had lots of those. They were hanging out on top of my nose.
(major laughter)
SteveM: So how are you guys spending Christmas this year?
Jon: Actually I'm gonna sit with the kids at home and visit with some family Maybe go skiing in Tahoe.
Vicki: Where's family?
Jon: In Marin County and then Tahoe is 3 hours north so we usually drive up to the mountains and take everyone skiing and throw them in the snow and see how the babies go for it, and see if they'll survive the cold. They're very cute in the snow.( chukles)
SteveM: Guys let me ask you, what do you think is the big lesson you learned from the old Journey to the time that you now have formed the new Journey?
SteveP: Thats a tough one..
Jon: Don't take alot of stuff for granted first of all..don't take your friendship for granted. If you got something on your mind, come right out with it, Its better to hit people straight on with it, we use to brood, go away and not realy confront each other alot of times.
SteveP: There was a manager that we were considering when we were interviewing managers cause we have a new manager, Irving Aznoff, and there was a guy named Marty, rememeber Marty?
Jon: Marty, yea
SteveP: A brilliant man, and he was one of the people, and he turned to us one day and just simple looked us straight in the eye and says " no matter what you do, there's just no reason to attack the group. And I mean, don't attack it from within, and don't attack yourselves". Do you remember that?
Jon: yea.
SteveP: It was like, 'Its precious' he says 'and its done you such a service what you guys have collectively put together theres no reason for you to like within yourselves to attack each other or attack yourself period'. And it was kinda like a reverent statement and I took it to heart.
Vicki: Is there any secret, you think, that keeps bands together, keeps them from breaking up?
Neal: Just probably respect, you know. I would say overall just respect for everyone else.
Jon: Check your ego at the door
Neal: haha
Jon: Bands are brutal. You have to be able to take criticism and you have to be able to learn how to comprimise. If you can't comprimise, then you don't belong in a band. i mean, you might as well be a solo artist.
Neal: Then again, we all are completely different. And, you know, I got a bit of an edge and sometimes we rub wrong but I think it makes for great music too. I mean, as long as, you know, if we have personal problems with one another and we come clean like right in the beginning, like Jonathan said, I think that is the healthist way to go about it
Vicki: I wish you could sing for us right now
SteveP: Its to early.
Vicki: I know
SteveP: God, who sings this early in the morning?
Vicki: You sing to me kinda sorta all of you when I listen to the CD. Then I pretend you're singing to me.
Vicki: Don't I say that everytime I hear the song?
SteveP: So its like, you're singing in the morning thinking we're singing in the morning?
Vicki: Uh-huh. You don't want to hear me singing in the morning.
SteveP: Ok, well why don't you sing to us? Sing When You Love A Woman one time, here we go, listening...
Vicki: Oh no, it would break the speakers.
SteveP: What do you mean? Come on, lets hear it (sings) 'When You Love A Woman"...come on, come on.
Vicki: ahhhh!!!
(laughter in studio)
Vicki: Do that again!
SteveP: No. Come more time
SteveM: You're going to tickle her Elmo.
SteveP: Ohhh!!!
(more laughter)
Vicki: I'm one of those people I scream to it in the headsets, so then I don't know how bad I am. I'm assuming, God, I can do this...I can sing this...
SteveM: You guys still get jazzed hearing your stuff on the radio or is that old hat by now?
Jon: Absolutely!
SteveP: Yea!
Jon: Its great
SteveM: And touring?
Neal: Very excited...its been ten years since we've been on stage together. And I mean, even at the end, when we left and everyone was sorta going their own ways...'Seperate Ways'...
SteveP: ohhhh...
Neal: We were still having fun on stage probably not as much as we are this time but..
SteveM: Then you came back to 'Open Arms'
Jon: And we wished 'Why Can't This Night Go On Forever'...ok
SteveP: Cause we're 'forever yours Faithfully'
SteveM: And 'Don't stop Believin' '
SteveP: Thats right, 'hold on to this feeling'
Jon: And 'Send Her My Love"
SteveM: Stop...stop...
SteveM: Its Atlanta's Star94 Steve and Vicki show.
SteveM: You guys, it has been so cool to have you in the studio
Vicki: Journey with us for the past hour. Best of luck, and we love you...
SteveP: Thank you.
Jon: Thank you
Neal: Happy Holidays
Jon: Happy Holidays