WASH 97.1 (Washington D.C.) Interview
(January 8, 1997)
Transcribed by Jackie Morgan

This interview had 2 djs - 1 male & 1 female. I made the male dj in a blue font & the female dj's part in a red font.

DJ Ok, our guest is Journey. That's right. They're back together now. Yeah... & they're coming to town this summer.

DJ Now why did you guys break up in the first place?

NS We just burnt out. Ya know...it's like we toured for ten years straight, you know. Nine months out of a year we toured for ten years & then we'd take off 2 weeks then we'd go back to the studio & start writing & go into the studio & work on another record & then go back out on tour. So we just burnt.

DJ So... who's idea was it for you guys to get back together?

SP Well, I - ah - this is Steve - I umm -- we were all talking to John Kalodner off & on & John Kalodner was the kind of Henry Kissenger of the rock situation. You know. He was talking for us to us before we could talk to each other because we had sort of a firey finish, you know, which all rock groups do, I mean it's not unusual.

DJ So... what happened?

SP Well, it was just....it was just like Neal was saying..'we were burned out after 10 years of touring' so we said....(deep breath) arghhh.. (growling voice) arghhh...I don't want to see you anymore. Goodbye (deep sigh - exhale). So, we left.

Everyone laughs

SP & I... & I ....mean...that's how everything usually ends -- but it certainly doesn't mean that's exactly how you feel. But that's how it goes. So anyway after time had gone by Kalodner was our liasion & then I finally picked up the phone & called Jonathan Cain. And Jonathan Cain called me back & then I called Neal & then Neal & Jon talked & then the three of us got together & started writing songs.

DJ Aaawwww, big group hug

SP Well, the big exciting thing was when we really go back into the song writing process, ummm, it was kinda scary how the songs came quick. It really proved to us once again maybe something we forgot, that there was an awful lot of chemistry there.

DJ So when the tour starts & you guys are out on the road & you're playing the songs from the new album..it's not gonna be a "greatest hits" kinda Eagles kinda thing, is it?? Or are you going to be playing the new music....

JC Well, we have to play some of our greatest hits.

Here everyone joins in - it kinda all runs together.. DJ Yeah... SP Yeah... we have to... DJ Can I tell you my favorites? Do you take requests?

SP Yeah, sure -- sure. DJ Naturally all of them. I love all of them. I love Don't Stop Believin', I love Separate Ways you know... SP We're definitely going to be playing it.
DJ Steve, you hear my voice...it got SP Yeah... DJ this way from trying to sing like you. Real loud in SP hehhehheh ... DJ my car. In my car...screaming at the top of my lungs.. SP hehhehheh ... you should hear what happens to my voice when I try to sing like me.

DJ Well, that's the thing...when I heard... first heard your voice, I went ... wait a minute...this doesn't sound like Steve Perry.

SP hehhehheh ..

DJ Speaking of that, can you sing a little line from any of the songs so we can tell it's you?

SPWhat...what do you mean? You want me to sing -- now???

DJ Aaawww.... you know what I mean...some of, I don't know...something like Faithfully, Open Arms, or the new song... When You Love A Woman.

SP Yeah, how about the high B in Faithfully?

Everyone laughs together...

SP or maybe it's a high C... oh..whatever it is... Ok. let's see ... if I can do this....( Steve Perry bursts into Faithfully a cappella with a great echo. Perfect) Is that ok?

DJ Oh man.... DJ Beautiful... (they're applauding & whistling) DJ Wow, it really is Steve Perry!. DJ We're going to have to pick Kim up off the floor now. DJ Oh God!!!

And that's the end. It goes into traffic from then. It comes back playing WYLAW.