SPIN Hotline Message by Steve Perry

May 18, 1996
Transcribed by Anthony Coyan.

Hi, this is Steve Perry, and you've reached the hotline. Well, here I am and I'm calling to give you the news that is the news, that isn't the rumors, but is the news because the news I'm telling you is not the rumors (Steve LOL...), something like that.

Anyway, um, there was talk of recording the record and releasing it, then touring. Now the new news is it looks like the record could potentially stay "in the can" as they say in the business, or "on the shelf", and the first time you get to hear it will be the first time that you get to see us. Which means that, um, we would do the tour and we'd play the new material, and you'd get to hear it live for the first time, and it would probably be unavailable in the stores, but that's the way you'd hear it. Or, there are some other options, we're not quite sure yet. But nevertheless, touring could be the first thing that happens, and we're in the process of getting ready for that. So...., I'm lettin' you know and when I know, you'll know, and we'll all know, O.K. Here I am, there you are, here we are and thanks.

Steve Perry