SPIN Hotline Message by Steve Perry

June 2, 1996
Transcribed by Anthony Coyan.

Hi, this is Steve and here I am and there you are and here we go. Um, we're recording the new record right now, and as I've said before, there still is a potential that it's gonna stay on the shelf and in our little secret spot. And then we'll decide what we do with that later. So the first thing that still may happen is we still may just go straight out on tour. Um, I'm not at liberty to discuss some of the reasons why, but it has to do with a lot of political things and um, we're moving forward as fast as we can and we're lookin' forward to getting out there and playing some shows, 'cause it's been a long time since Journey has toured. So we've talked about that and we're continuing to talk about that and we're chippin' away at this record too - we're almost done with that. As soon as I get more news about the potential that things have changed, I'll definitely let ya know. Until then, there it is, there you are, and we'll speak soon. Bye."

Steve Perry