SPIN Hotline Message by Steve Perry

July 31, 1996
Transcribed by Anthony Coyan.

Hi, this is Steve Perry and we're at the studio still grinding away. We're sure getting a lot closer though, everyday just a little bit closer. We're in the process of mixing and finishing the last 2 songs and when we're done it looks like we'll have 16 songs to choose from and we're deciding how many of those we're gonna put on, maybe all of them, who knows.

And it's time I update this whole thing, I've been running behind, sorry about that. It's because I've been lost in studio world. But I do have my favorite guitarist in the whole world sitting right here (Steve LOL)...he's the most soulful player and he wants to say hello.

Hi everybody, this is Neal Schon, comin' to you from the site, and yea we're at the site. I'm tellin' ya that because we're almost outta here (everyone LOL). Anyway, the record sounds stupendous and Love Pipes has never sounded better, and actually I'm playin' all right too. So now I'm giving you back to Steve, and we'll see ya soon...

(Steve again) That was Magic Fingers himself...so I hope ya have a great time and we'll be talkin' soon."

Steve Perry