SPIN Hotline Message by Steve Perry

November 7, 1996
Transcribed by Ted Pruitt

Well I guess its time for an update its only been probably about six months. So much has happened, um, the cd is out - it's on the charts, the single When You Love a Woman is out, Message of Love is out-on the charts. There's also a rumor there's a hidden track on the journey record, so you'll have to look for that - uh, let's see, what else is going on?...Were talking about a tour some time next year and,um, that also being logistically put together and discussed at this points. That would be pretty exciting-to be on tour again with Journey -all of us together on stage one more time...would be, uh, kind of a dream come true that we never thought would probably ever happen again. But you know you never know...I guess if it can happen anywhere it can happen here. I guess we'll be talking soon and keeping you up to date. And that's about the news I've got at the time...so take care of yourself - talk to you soon.

Steve Perry