Trial By Fire Review

"The world's best and original AOR-act and the most consummate AOR band of them all, Journey, take another trip down the dixie (?) highway as they've reunited after 10 years of absence. Journey in the 90s, sounds just as good as Journey in the 80s without sounding dated. It's still as timeless as always! Here follows a song-by-song review of their much anticipated album.

1 Message Of Love

Stefan Edstrom: Seperate Ways part 2 = Great !!!
Larry Schorling: Yeah, definitely ! They couldn't have started the album in a better way, I get goosebumps from this one. Magnificant !

2 One More

LS: A rocker, which grows on you after a while.
SE: God what I love it when they speed things up a bit. True Journey rock-classic.

3 When You Love A Woman

SE: 1st ballad of the album. A tad too smeary for me
LS: Too smeary ? This is a true, soon-to-be-classic Journey ballad. Just listen to it, will you?

4 If He Should Break Your Heart

LS: A wonderful AOR track, that once again shows how brilliant songwriters they are, fantastic!
SE: Pure AOR, with all excisting clichés, I love it!

5 Forvever In Blue

SE: Another great AOR song with Perry singing like the God he's known as. It also includes some typical AOR keyboard fills from Cain
LS: Definitely a great melodic piece, this is so good it makes me wonder why all other wannabe bands even TRIES to play AOR. Why bother ? You just can't beat the original!

6 Castles Burning

LS: A very raunchy, almost vintage-like tune from Journey. I guess Schon had a lot in choosing this song to the final track listing.
SE: The 6th track is also a rocker. Maybe not one of the strongest, but listen to Neal's guitarplaying, the man is on fire ! LS: Yeah, he's smoking!

7 Don't Be Down On Me Baby

SE: The second ballad...
LS:...and perhaps the album's least good, this one could've been replaced with a rocker.

8 Still She Cries

LS: Definitely one of the best ballads on the album. Could have been on Raised On Radio.
SE: Another ballad, sounds like a typical Perry-ballad to me.

9 Colors Of The Spirit

SE: Starts and ends with some nice African tones. In between there's a splendid AOR tune.
LS: A grower, but a bit faceless.

10 When I Think Of You

LS: Another great ballad (lots of 'em, isn't it?), just a simply beautiful, tearshed Journey-ballad, sheer brilliance!
SE: My favourite ballad on this album, because it's on the right sentimental level for me.

11 Easy To Fall

SE: 5th ballad. Kind of mediocre if you ask me.
LS: Couldn't disagree with you more ! This is without doubt one of the finest moments on the album. Classic, and I mean CLASSIC Journey ballad, majestic, pompous, and whatever. Can't find enough superlatives to describe its excellence ! Absolutely brilliant!

12 Can't Tame The Lion

LS: A relief to have a rocker! A song that grows and grows, and Schon shows us wannabe guitarplayers how it's done. Simply put, he rules!
SE: This is how they should sound. Right now I think that it's the coolest song on the album. Why ? Familiar with the name Neal Schon?

13 It's Just The Rain

SE: A ballad again, but actually a pretty good one. Even if the outro sounds a lot like a The Storm rip-off!
LS: I must say, though, that this reminds me of a Foreigner (!) ballad, but it's still a good one. Very much so indeed.

14 Trial By Fire

LS: An epic, slow piece, with lots of twists in it. Great.
SE: Maybe not a ballad but it's a laidback song, and maybe nothing out of the ordinary. It's a fine tune though.

15 Baby I'm Leaving You

SE: Crap ! Crap ! Crap !
LS: Let's just say this, you're right !

Bonus track on the Japanese version:
Can't See It In Your Eyes

SE: A dirty, up-tempo, rock song. If Neal was on fire on "Castles...", he's at least twice as hot on this one. I think it's a song too good to only be featured on the Japanese version.
LS: As you've already said, this is far too good, not to be included on the album. It's brilliant. Neal plays as if it was a matter of life while throwing out such cool riffs through the speakers!

For short; They're back and they're ready to DOMINATE the airwaves!

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