96.1 FM Interview (Pittsburgh)
(December 13, 1996)
Transcribed by Doug Morgan

M - Male DJ
F - Female DJ

M: And they are here
F: Hi
M: Hi
Steve Perry: Hello
: What's Happening
(laughing in the background)
: Hey
: Ow
: Hello
Group: Hello
M: Were doing that satellite uh delay thing here but that's okay
Steve: That's okay it's fine
M: guys we've been trying to put this together for a couple of days we we're really appreciate you guys working with us, what we did here in Pittsburgh is for the past two days we allowed women to call the radio station and give us their favorite Journey music memory something one of your songs (
Steve: uh oh+ :uh oh) always brings to the top mind when they think about it and yeah we had some pretty hot and heavy things to come through (laughing) and uh
F: I brought my proof
M: Yeah she brought her proof (laughing)
F: There he is
M: So let's beg(cut off)
Steve: you brought your husband
F: He reminds me of you and you remind me of him (
Steve: uh oh) and so that's I would always(cut off)
Steve: How does he feel about that though
M: I well I don't know he always buys me uh Journey CD's so
M: No Journey underwear yet I'm impressed
F: No I'm so... you don't you have any out do you (laughing)
Steve: Look it's coming, it' coming
F: Thank you
M: It's the Variety 96 Journey interview and uh we've given three ladies we've told them to all pick out three questions a piece because we realize you guys will be(cut off)
Steve: Three pairs of panties
M: that's right three pairs and uh you know they got they go three shots at it three strikes at it and you're either out or you've got a home run and I think we're gonna start, with um let's see we're gonna start with um we're gonna start with Joell first of all, Joell you've got three questions, you've got the guys on the line it's your radio show, go for it
Joell: Hi guys!
Band: Hi, hey
Joell: I'm a big fan of you, of all of yins, my first question is okay you guys are on tour right now is Pittsburgh on your list of tours?
Steve: well were not really on tour right now (Joell: No?) were a were talking, talking about doing that in the summer time so uh we're doing radio and our video is actually uh out right now it just came out last week on VH-1 "When You Love A Woman"
Station: allright yeah(cheering)
Neal: In answer to your question we will definitely try to get to Pittsburgh yes
Steve: Yes, yes
Joell: will, will you uh will you just sing to me and can I have tickets to see you? (laughing)
: Hey is that the second question?
Joell: No that's not
Steve: and will Neal and will Neal come over and cook you dinner?
Joell: Well I was going to invite you all over to my house for dinner. I'm not insane I'm just asking you to come over (laughing) I'm not I'm not a stalker I'm serious
Steve: Are you a good cook?
M: We all know we're working on that part
Joell: Yes I am, you can ask my husband if you like
M: It's getting, It's getting nasty already
Joell: I'm sorry, I'm I well, I just love these guys um
M: But I'm diggin' it you know It's, It's getting good
Neal: Question number two
Joell: um well everybody else is getting on the bandwagon would you guys ever consider doing um a Christmas CD? I have room for you know more Journey CD's?
Steve: Well we got a new one out called "Trial by Fire"
Joell: I know I got it it's my birthday gift
Neal: It's our Christmas CD for this year
Joell: Oh that's it? That was my birthday gift by the way guys
Neal: That's our Christmas CD for this year
Joell: Oh well it was my birthday gift thank you
M: Have you guys ever thought about that?
Joell: Please think about it
Steve: We we liked we mean do a lot of things live, that might be something we do live but if I don't know if we'll ever release it we do a lot of things live
M: Oh cool
Joell: Well, and my what is your favorite Journey song, your personal favorite?
Steve: Who are you talking to?
Joell: Uh Steve, Perry, First
Steve: Um a see, my first impression would be "Send Her My Love" at this point because I just like the was it has this melody you know
M: You just hit the nail on the head
Joell: What about "Lovin' Touchin' Squeein'" do you like that one?
Steve: Oh I do like that one a lot(
Joell: I like that one), I like 'em all you know
Joell: Well so do I, that's why I have all of your CD's
M: I, I gotta tell you guys that is one of my favorite songs being a radio guy to play on the air because every time I ever, I've ever got a chance to play that I just makes me want to groggle "Lovin' Touchin' and Squeein' each other"
Joell: I love that
: Okay I think we can calm down now
: Oh God
Steve: I'm very moist
F: Oh Go... Hey thank you for sharing that
M: Okay we've got Vicki coming up next, guys say hi to Vicki
Group: Hi Vicki
Vicki: Hello, how are you?
: Hi
M: Vicki who do you want to talk with First?
Steve: What's Up?
Vicki: Who do I want to talk to first? I don't know.
Steve: Neal and Jon are here
F: Hi Neal and Jon
M: Yeah, Neal and Jonathan Cain are there.
Vicki: I know Neal and Jonathan Cain and Steve Perry are two of my personal favorites members in the group although I love everyone. Um was the song
: Oh Joe? (laughing)
M: There's a lotta love in this room today (panting) and I want you to know that I'm feeling every bit of it.
Steve: Jon is panting
Vicki: I know that Jonathan Cain wrote the song "Faithfully" which is my second favorite song by Journey
Jon: Well thank you, thanks very much.
Vicki: Lights is my first favorite. Um, was the woman uh "When You Love A Woman" inspired by somone in somone's life in the band or how was that song written?
Jon: Um Steve had the title and he came over with it and it was just a lovely thing and we sat down and he had a little recorder that he was singing into and I had a piano piece, Neal had a bridge and we put it all together and you know we were lucky, you know we got lucky that day and it was a beautiful song.
M: Absolutely
Vicki: It was a very beautiful song. Um
M: You should see them there just there still shaking in here, "I can't believe we have them on the line ...... satellite, oh I wish I had pictures, oh.
Vicki: Well I saw a "Raised on Radio" concert three times and I didn't pay for a single one, people kept taking me because they knew that that was supposedly going to be the last concert ever of Journey.
M: So that's where that ticket money went.
Vicki: All mine, I was there at every
Steve: So you went with, did you go with three different guys?
Vicki: No my sister took me in Cleveland for my birthday, and then I went with some friends from school in Pittsburgh, and then we drove to West Virginia, the same kids from school.
M: God you got lucky
Vicki: And I, I got free tickets to all of em' because I'm the only one with a car. (Laughing)
M: or
Neal: Payback, Payback
Jon: Well there you go I love that.
M: Next question
Vicki: Oh, um a lot of band have tried to imitate Journey's sound and style over the years, are you guys surprised by the success that your band had and the impact on the music industry or
M: She sounds like she works in radio, boy I tell ya, good question, yeah.
F: She did her homework
Steve: Uh, who do you think is trying to imitate our sound?
Vicki: A lot of people, I think a lot of people have, but I don't think anybody's ever succeeded (
M: Whitesnake)
Jon: Like who, like who for instance?
Vicki: You think Whitesnake is?
M: Whitesnake. "Here I go again" sounds a lot like a Journey song.
F: Yeah
Steve: It's a little white bred though. (Laughing)
Vicki: They aren't as good as you guys.
M: Well said, well put, okay.
Steve: Sorry!
M: Oh Okay.
Neal: or
Jon: Well they always say that, you know, imitation is the best form of flattery so
Steve: Yeah that's true, that true.
Vicki: Yeah
M: Mmm Hmm
Neal: or
Jon: It's kind of flattering when like Prince I mean he
Vicki: Prince
Steve: Oh Yeah
Neal: or
Jon: He, he called up he took the chords from "Faithfully" and put em' in "Purple Rain" and didn't realize it until you know, he heard our song and then his manager called up and said jeez, Prince is awfully sorry but um um
M: And he'll pay you so don't worry about it
Steve: Listen, listen, listen to this, the last chords of "Purple Rain, Purple Rain(Sung w/guitar)" which is the end of "Faithfully," just so you know.
F: You guys do it better.
M: They're still breathing heavy in here because of you guys.
Steve: That was "Faithfully," okay.
Vicki: Okay
Steve: Okay. But he asked us yeah.
Neal: or
Jon: That was very nice of him to call.
Steve: He called and says "Forgive me I've made a mistake."
Neal: or
Jon: And we said good luck, have a hit.
M: That's nice.
Vicki: Nice, nice guys at you?
Neal: It was good for us it should be great for you.
Vicki: Okay, third and final question. Even though you guys are all back together I have all of the stuff that you guys have done separately and solo from the band are you still at work pursuing solo interests, or are you just back in Journey now?
Jon: We're gonna put everything on hold for a while you know, it's kinda all on hold, and we're working on Journey.
Steve: Yeah, yeah.
Vicki: So are you
Steve: It took me a long time to get back in Journey for crying out loud, what would I want to do that for.
Vicki: Oh we love to have you back, we're so glad Journey's back.
M: Are we happy
Joell: I'm very happy.
Vicki: I've been listening to Journey for twenty years, I'm glad Journey's back.
M: Oh make em' feel old I'm sure they appreciate the heck out of that.
Vicki: I started listening
Steve: That's okay we were, we were
M: We were two
Vicki: The "Next" album is the first one that I've ever, that I've had, the first album that I ever bought of Journey's was "Next," and I have everything.
M: They're die hards over here.
: Yeah
: Allright
: We've got everything
M: Well guys we're gonna segue over to
Neal: Allright, send em' a poster for God sakes.
M: Oh yeah.
Vicki: Send us an autograph would you.
M: No they want the underwear.
: You brought it up.
Vicki: You'll autograph our underwear.
Joell: We want tickets.
Steve: We have Journey crotchless panties.
Vicki: Will you sign them? Do you want us to send you our underwear? We'll sign them if you like.
M: We're not gonna go there.
Neal: We'll send you ours and we'll fill it with our secret sauce.
M: Ahhh, we're not gonna go there.
Steve: Okay never mind.
Vicki: I'm trying to make a deal here.
M: I feel like I got a movie clicker over here, we're not gonna go there.
Joell: We're just trying to talk to em'. We're just trying to make a deal here.
M: Man I'm glad I wore sweat pants today. Okay we've got Perry Perino over here, Peggy's got some questions for you guys. Our, our final contestant today on the wanna be a DJ show, good. Peggy lay em' out.
Peggy: OK hi how are you?
Group: We can barely here you.
Peggy: Oh, great, sure just put me number three and then you can here me.
M: How about that is that better?
Peggy: Can you here me now?
Steve: A little bit, go ahead, yeah.
Peggy: OK, um, my first question's for Steve. If you were ever to record a duet with with another female vocalist, who would you want it to be, and why? Like anybody from unknown in Pittsburgh when you come!
: Like us
Peggy: Like me. In all seriousness though. Pardon me?
Steve: What'd she say at the last part if what if she was
: If she was, if she was an unknown singer like myself. From Pittsburgh. But in all seriousness
Steve: Are you a singer?
Peggy: Yes
Steve: You're a singer.
Peggy: Yeah, from Pittsburgh.
Steve: You are.
Peggy: Yes
M: Send him a demo.
Steve: Are you like(cut off)
Neal: She's Italiano
Peggy: Yes, that's right.
Neal: She's a sing a nice, hey.
Peggy: I make my own sauce.
Steve: (singing in Italian)
Jon: What kind of songs you sing?
Peggy: I do a variety.
Jon: What kind of songs are you singing now?
Peggy: Right now, I do pretty much a variety of pop and rock.
Jon: Can you sing us something?
Peggy: Sure.
Steve: Sing us something, yeah.
Peggy: What would you like to hear?
Steve: What do you wanna do?
Peggy: Um
Steve: We don't know your repataue
M: This is great it's live and it's on the air?
Peggy: I'd love to sing send her my love because that was a dedication, but, what did you say?
Steve: You go girl.
Neal: She's going to talk to her manager first.
M: You just go girl, sing for em'.
Peggy: (Singing) "It's been such a long time, I think I should be going Time doesn't wait for me, it keeps on rolling" (From "Foreplay/Long Time" by Boston from Boston 1976 written by Tom Sholtz)
Steve: Wow
F: Yeh
M: She's got some lungs on her and I'm not looking at her clothes.
Steve: She's got lungs and she sings nice too, yeah
Neal: Sign her up
M: Sign her up, sign her up quick give her the bonus plan.
Steve: That's a beautiful tone, that's a nice tone.
Peggy: Oh, thanks.
Steve: Very nice temper
M: She's all blush now she's got to say she goes aw I don't even want to go to the next question I wanna stay where I'm at OK.
Steve: I don't think I've ever heard accapella Boston before.
Peggy: Well you got it live what can I say.
M: Don't worry, they'll do an unplugged tour next so watch out.
Peggy: Yeah, well you know what, in all seriousness do you have an answer for me, I would like to know who, who do you admire as a female vocalist?
Steve: There's so many great singers, you know I love Gladys Night, she's one of my favorite singers of all time.
M: Oh yeah.
Steve: And I think for some reason the industry right now has a tendency to turn its back on certain artists, and she happens to be one right at this moment. I love Roberta Flack and thank God that the Fuggess recorded that song because now Roberta Flack has credibility.
Peggy: Right, exactly
Steve: And let's face it they just took her song and put a hip hop to it, so, I love her voice, I mean that would be fun.
Peggy: Oh that's great.
M: That's an interesting combination I'd like to hear that myself.
Peggy: Yeah, I'd like to hear that too.
Steve: She's great.
Peggy: Let me see, I have a question just whoever wants to answer it when you're on the road...
Steve: Neal
Peggy: Neal?
M: Neal you're on.
Steve: I'm having a hard time hearing you've got to speak up.
Neal: There's been a lot of years of rock and roll and a lot of loud amplifiers, you're going to have to speak up baby.
Peggy: OK, well, when you're on tour what effect does it have on your personal life, when your away for so long, you know being on the road, away from family, what effect does it have on you personally?
Neal: Well, you know what, you end up missing them a lot more you know, especially, I've got three children now so you know you miss them, but we're gonna work It out so they come out some of the time when were hanggin' in one city for longer a period then a couple days, and you know we'll get through it.
Peggy: Oh that's great.
M: Lotsa groups are taking there kids on the roads nowadays. A lotta groups are.
Peggy: That's right.
Neal: Yeah, they love it I mean my kids just love to see me play live you know it's really a kick to watch them watch.
M: That's cool, that's really cool.
Peggy: OK, my last question is for Steve Perry, was the grief from the loss of your mother a motivating factor in your career?
Steve: You know she she passed just about in the middle of the making of the "Raised on Radio" record was when she passed, so she was always supportive from the very beginning when I was really young, you know I turned to her when I was very young and said mommie I want to be a movie tar, and and so she supported me through that cause my dad was a singer and her father who was kind of the controlling force of the family said "what the hell you talkin' about? Got them kids, you know." He waned me to be a farmer, but I just couldn't hang the idea of milking cows so.
: Well we're glad your not a farmer.
M: You'd rather pluck guitar strings than pluck utters I can take that thing.
Peggy: Wait, Steve we did hear, Steve we did hear that you have the most beautiful hair so we'd like to see that sometime.
: We'd like to get you down here.
M: Be careful I saw that look on her face. She is a stalker, she is a stalker.
F: They're doing a personal check on her as we speak.
Steve: Guys, what I hope is that it's a summer show so that it will be outdoors and nice and hot so you can sit on your boyfriend's shoulders and show us your...
Peggy: Smiles
M: Don't go there
Steve: Your bristols
M: This show has been rated for the hearing impaired okay.
Steve: Show us your bristols.
Peggy: Oh God behave.
M: Hey, hey Steve, Neal, and Jonathan, we really appreciate you guys taking a few minutes with us, its its been great and we know the tour is coming up, were gonna keep our ears open for the tour dates, and of course we're gonna go out right now with of course your number one song, "When You love A Woman" and what would you...
Steve: Can I tell you real quick?
M: Yeah sure go ahead
Steve: Can I tell you something?
: Sure, talk.
Steve: Just one big favor since you got so many fans in the studio and people who listen to your station, "When You Love A Woman" is our song, and we just finished a video for it and VH-1 is playing it and we're real proud of it, but for some reason MTV dosen't want to play it at this present moment so, I'm gonna give you a phone number 1-800-Dial-MTV, that's 1-800-342-5688, and after five o'clock New York time, have people and these people that are your friends and everyone that's in the studio call them and say hey, why don't you play that new Journey video "When You Love A Woman."
: We'll do that.
M: Done deal.
Steve: That would be great.
M: Done deal.
Peggy: It was great talking to you guys.
Steve: Thanks.
: Yeah thanks it was an honor.
Steve: Merry Christmas, Happy holidays.
: You to.
: Same to you.
: We'll let you guys take it out, we've got about fifteen more seconds anything else you want to say to Pittsburgh? (Beginning of "When You Love A Woman")
Steve: (Singing with and in the key of "When You Love A Woman") Have yourself a merry little Christmas.
: Same to you.
: That's great.
M: Steve Perry and Journey, Variety 96.
(End, with Steve's voice beginning on "When You Love A Woman.")