Bad English in Concert Proves Worth the Waite

Los Angeles Times, Monday, January 29, 1990, Orange County Edition, Calendar, Page 6
Transcribed by unknown

Just when the rock world seemed safe from the cloying pretensions of such former mainstream heroes as Journey, the new Bad English band--boasting ex-Journeymen Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain--shows up.

In some ways, this group, which performed Friday at the Hollywood Palladium, is Journey reincarnated with its slick, safe, romantic pop-rock.

Based on the album "Bad English," which has only a few quality songs and not much energy, you'd expect a snoozer of a concert. But surprise: Bad English wasn't bad live, infusing much of the material--including "When I See You Smile" and other songs that seem lame on record--with a metal-like energy.

This robust, pounding edge helped offset some of the group's tiresome solos and general aloofness.

Lead singer John Waite, from the Babys, deserves much of the credit. Normally a wimpy vocalist, he sang with unexpected power and convincing emotion.

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