JOURNEY by Bally/Midway FAQ
Version 1.11
Started by Chris J. Smith
Last Updated: December 15, 1996

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Developed By:

The game was made by Bally/Midway in 1983 and was produced by Mavin Glass and Associates for Nightmare, Inc.

Marvin Glass & Associates was a toy design firm that invented toys and sold them to all the toy manufacturers like Mattel and Milton Bradley. They are responsible for an amazing amount of toys, games and dolls, like Simon, Mr. Machine, SSP racers, Hands Down, etc. About 3 or 4 years ago, the company split up and the remaining members formed new companies all over Chicago. The biggest 2 are Breslow, Morrison Terzian & Assoc. and Meyer/Glass.

Around the big PacMan days (82 or 83?), MGA decided to get into video games. They designed and programmed games for Bally/Midway on their new MCR system. The games they created were Domino Man, Wacko, Journey, Tapper, Rootbeer Tapper, Kosnic Kroozer, and Timber.

The company was Marvin Glass and Associates, located in Chicago. The game was made for Bally/Midway, with approval by Jim Welch, creative director for Journey. Was the Journey "company" called Nightmare Inc?

The Journey arcade game was designed by three people: R. Scott Morrison, who also did all of the art Richard A. Ditton did most of the programmingElaine A. Ditton did programming and all of the sounds.

I think there's a way to view the credits by holding all of the controls down during the attract, but it's been too long to remember exactly.

The game used digitized pictures of the band member's heads on cartoon bodies. The heads were black and white, using 16 shades of grey (Pretty advanced technology for the time). The entire game was designed and developed in about 3 months, over a Christmas season, to accomodate Journey's touring schedule.

Cabinet Description:

Available in Upright and Cocktail

  1. The upright game is in a blue colored vertical monitor cabinet. The sides, as well as the control panel, back glass and marquee include artwork from the 1983 Journey Album - Frontiers.
  2. Cocktail version is similar in design to all early 80's midway cocktails.

PCB Types:

Midway MCR III (Similar pinouts to Tron, Tapper, Wacko, etc)

The MCR system was created by Midway engineers, many of which are still at Williams/Bally Midway. MGA used the hardware and came up with a good operating system and a boat load of art tools and techniques to make the most of the systems somewhat limited capabilities.

Number Produced:


Special Equipment:

One Emerson slimline cassette deck.

Pinouts and Switches:

See Bottom of FAQ

Object of the Game:

The instruments of each Journey member have been stolen. You must locate each band members equipment, once you have obtained the instrument you must return to space ship while avoiding alien obstacles. Once all instruments and band members have returned to the ship, the band blasts off and plays a concert at the galactic stadium. At this time the internal tape deck kicks off and play the Journey Song "Separate Ways" the band members are up on stage jamming, and you assume the role of the body guard. You must hold back the fans as long as possible. Once the fans rush the stage, the instruments are confiscated, and the game plays restarts at a harder level.

Start of Game:

At the start of the game, you are given a scarab space craft, and much choose which instrument you would like to obtain (much like the selection screen in Tron). Your choices are Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, and Microphone. During the selection a modified version of "Lights" play in the background.

The Instruments:

Drums - To obtain the drums, you become Steve Smith. Steve must jump on large floating drums turning them from red to blue. Once all drums have been changed you have obtained you drum set (which doubles as a weapon) and you must fight alien forces to return to the ship. The background music for this scene is "Wheel In The Sky"

Bass - To obtain the bass, you become Ross Valory. Ross must jump on lifter post to reach the top of the screen. Once at the top of the screen Ross must get this Bass. With Bass in hand Ross must get back to the ship, and avoid the flying record albums, the bass is also used as a weapon. The background music for this scene is "Keep On Running."

Guitar - To obtain the guitar, you become Neil Schon. Neil uses a jet pack and must obtain his instrument from a cavern. Neil must avoid running into the walls of the cavern. Once his guitar has been obtained. He must jet pack out the cavern while avoiding projectiles. The background music for this scene is " Chain Reaction"

Keyboard - To obtain the keyboard, you become Jonathan Cain. Jon must make his way down rafter, and jump over moving barriers to reach the bottom of the screen and get his keyboard. Once he has obtained his keyboard, he must blast a hole through bubble like obstacles to return to the ship. The background music for this scene is "Summer Nights"

Microphone - To obtain the microphone, you become Steve Perry. Steve must make his way through swinging turnstiles, and obtain his microphone. Once he has obtained his microphone, he must blast his way through a moving electrical barrier and return to the ship. The background music for this scene is "Don't Stop Believing" REPLAY article from July 1983

The stage is set and the concert is about to begin, but not until the player helps the members of the rock band Journey retrieve their instruments, ward off feverish fans and take control of the stage.

Those at Bally/Midway say that the playing excitement in their new 'Journey' video is enhanced through a specially-designed digitized process which makes the band members appear to be moving in response to the action of the game. In fact, actual photos of Journey members have been converted into computer representations that are stored and programmed to correspond with various phases of the game. As the player moves and directs figures through a series of challenges, on-screen images of the members will also move and "pose" to create added realism. These visual images are combined with a synthesized music soundtrack heard throughout the game, and the live tape recording of the hit song "Separate Ways" played through stereo speakers during the bonus rack. Bally/Midway says the popularity of the band, their current hit album "Frontiers" and their nationwide tour (now in progress) "combine to make the 'Journey' arcade game number one with a bullet."



Switch  No 1 (At B3 - Located on SOund I/O P.C. Board)

Function           SW#1 SW#2 SW#3 SW#4 SW#5 SW#6 SW#7 SW8 SW#9 SW#10

				   XX   XX   XX   XX   XX  XX    
1 Coin Meter       ON
** @ Coin Meters   OFF

Upright/Mini             ON
Cocktail Table           OFF

**Coin Continue (On)          ON
Coin Continue (Off)           OFF

Freeze Video                                                    ON
**Normal Operation                                              OFF

Switch No 3 (At D14 - Located On Sound I/O P.C. Board)  

Function            SW#1 SW#2 SW#3 SW#4

**Normal Operation  OFF
Sound I/O Diag Mode ON

**Normal Operation       OFF
RAM/ROM Test             ON
Indicates Test Results 
I/O Board

**Normal Operation             OFF
Oscillator Test                ON

**Normal Operation                  OFF
Filter Test                         ON

* No Effect If SW#1 of Switch NO. 3 Is In the OFF Position
** Factory Recommended Settings
XX Not Used

The remainder of the sames common option settings are conducted during the MACHINE SETUP portion of the self-test mode.


  1. Turn the power to the game on.

  2. Open the coin door

    NOTE: Cocktail Table Models Only. Gently pull out the plunger on the Safety Interlock Switch located just inside the coin door

  3. Using the Test Credit Button, put a credit on the game

  4. Press the "1 Player" start button

  5. IMMEDIATELY set the games Self-Test switch to the ON position.

  6. By pressing both the "1 Player" and " 2 Player" start buttons at the same time (ONLY WHEN THE TRANSPORT SHIP IN THE CENTER OF THE 5 PLANETS), the game will advance to the next rack.

  7. When finsihed, set the Self-Test switch back to the OFF position

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