Journey Arcade Emulator

KEM is an emulator for the PC, which is capable of playing the original Journey arcade game by Bally/Midway (any many more).

In order to play the game you must obtain 3 things (sometimes 4):

  1. The emulator, KEM 1.0, is free and available at:

  2. The ROM images of the Bally/Midway arcade game are copyrighted by Bally/Midway and are NOT distributed with the emulator. They are currently available at:

  3. DOS4GW.EXE is some sort of DOS extender that is required to run KEM. It comes with TONS of DOS games and should be readily available. It needs to be in the directory where KEM resides. It may be located on your own hard disks by typing "DIR DOS4GW.EXE /S" from their root directory. The file can be found by doing a search at

  4. KEM requires VESA 2.0 video drivers for DOS or for the video card to have VESA 2.0 built into the video card's BIOS. If you need a VESA 2.0 driver, they can get UNIVBE 5.2 or greater. It is a utility which comes with "Display Doctor" by SciTech. UNIVBE comes with many commercial games. A 30-day trial version of DISPLAY DOCTOR can also be downloaded from the SciTech website for free at


Unzip the KEM100.ZIP file with the -D option to create sub-directories, or it won't work.
Example: PKUNZIP -D
The JOURNEY ROM files should be unzipped into the JOURNEY subdirectory in the KEM install.


For additional help please read the FAQ that comes with KEM or at the KEM web site.

E-mail: Steven Lake
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