Steve Smith
Steven Bruce Smith - August 21, 1954 - Boston, Massachusetts

Where We Come From

Vital Tech Tones

Gambale, Hamm, Smith

Coryell, Coster, Smith

Ray Of Hope



Steve's discography

Vital Information's upcoming performances (updated October 2, 2000)

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The official web page for Vital Information

An unofficial Storm WWW Page

Steve Smith Newsletter #3 (August 1999)

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Steve Smith Newsletter Volume 1 (July 1998)

Steve Smith 1998 Performances / Update

Steve Smith 1999 Performances / Update

An Interview with Steve Smith by Drummer's Web editor Hugo Pinksterboer, January 1996.

Check out Steve's Zildjian cymbals set-up

A great article in Modern Drummer magazine by Robyn Flans.

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Jazz Times review of Ray Of Hope

Pictures I took from a Vital Information concert April 5, 1999

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