Neal Schon
Neal Joseph Schon - February 27, 1954 - Midwest City, OK

Piranha Blues

Electric World

Beyond The Thunder

Late Nite

No More Lies

Here To Stay

Untold Passion

Neal's discography.

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Higher Octave Music has a biography on Neal and two AIFF sound files 'Big Moon' and 'Cool Breeze' from his instrumental album 'Beyond the Thunder'.

Neal's on-line chat with Compuserve and America On-line.

Neal is a sponsor of Optek Music System's Fretlight Guitar and he appears in all of their ads.

Naoki Hamajima's Unofficial Neal Schon Home Page

A great web page on Santana.

Net Waite Official John Waite site (including Bad English)

My Sound Gallery for Abraxas Pool.

My Sound Gallery for Hardline.

Tom Ahola's Jan Hammer Homepage.

Neal is an endorsing artist for Dean Markley Strings

Info on the charity album Hear 'N Aid

Neal Schon interview from

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