Jonathan Cain

For A Lifetime

Body Language

Piano With A View

Back To The Innocence

Back To The Innocence

Windy City Breakdown

Jonathan's discography

Visit my Photo Gallery for Jon and Journey

The official Jonathan Cain web page.

A great biography done by America On-Line, plus the transcript from Jon's on-line chat on September 27, 1995.

The transcript from Jon's on-line chat with CompuServe on October 12, 1995.

A Jonathan Cain interview by Michael Kisur for Songwriters Showcase Musepaper, May 1995.

A small bit about Jonathan and the 10th Annual Salute to the American Songwriter in the Songwriters Showcase Musepaper, July 1996.

Higher Octave Music, the record label for Jonathan's instrumental albums Piano With A View and Body Language. It includes a small biography and two aiff sound clips.

Some stats on Jon from 16 Magazine Volume 22, Number 12, June 1981.

Jazz Times CD review of Jon's Piano With A View.

Jonathan appeared as a guest artist at Musicians Institute.

Jonathan's brother, Mugs, is the drummer for the new band Brett Walker & The RailBirds

A web page on his brother, Tommy 'Mugs' Cain,.

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