16 Magazine
Volume 22, Number 12, June 1981

Real Name:Jonathan Cain
Date of Birth:February 26, 1953
Place of Birth:Chicago, Illinois
Parents Names:Leonard and Nancy
Brothers Names:Harold and Tom
Weight:155 pounds
Car:On its last leg!
Home:He's in between places right now
Pet:A German shepherd named "Nero" who catches fresbees on the fly!
Instruments Played:Keybaords, slide whistle, kazoo
Favorite Performers:Bob Seger, Rod Stewart, David Bowie
Favorite TV Shot:Creature Features
Favorite Colors:Green, browns, and dark blue
Favorite Foods:Oriental and French
Favorite Books:The Shining, Shogun, Webster's Dictionary
Favorite Pastimes:Skiing, photography and cooking
He's First Attacted to a Lady because:She has an open mind, an open heart, and pretty eyes
He Stays Interested If:She keeps up with everything
His Favorite Evening Out:Dinner, candlelight, music and quiet conversation