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If you are having any problems with my web page, please e-mail me.

Question: Prints no text, but it prints graphics.

This occurs because I have set the text font colour to white (the default on most web pages is black). Therefore, in order to print anything from my Journey Tribute Page, you must make one simple change to your Nescape and MS Explorer web browsers so it can print any colourd text in black.

For Netscape 4 users go to the FILE MENU, then to PAGE SETUP. The Page Setup pop-up box will appear. Near the top left corner make sure there is a checkmark next to "Black Text". If there is no checkmark, then click in the tiny box. Finally, simply click on OK. That's it. If you still have trouble printing, please e-mail me.

For users of Microsoft Explorer 4 I believe it is similar to above. For other broswers, your on your own.

E-mail: Steven Lake
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