(Schon, Blades)
From Arrival (Japan Version) (2000)

So I think I got it all in place now
No distractions under control
Yet there's something missing inside me
I'm chasing shadows of myself
And the clocks are ticking
My world is spinning
Spinning 'round and 'round
And 'round and 'round again


And I try
I try to reason why
Don't you know I can't go on this way
Baby please don't walk away there is this place
Where I toss away my pride
So you can see that I'm the one
To take you to a high place this time

I am on the outside looking in
To a place where I will be
Let me give you want you need from me
I surrender my soul to you
And my heart is pounding
And my head is spinning, 'round and 'round again


I crash...and burn inside my mind
It happens time and time again,
I can't explain the way you make me feel
I know...I don't have much to give
But what I have to give to you with all the madness
left inside of me...oh
With all the madness left inside of me...oh


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