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Genealogy Software Features

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Invite others to view

Invite other family members or friends to help grow your tree

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No Downloads or Installs

Fully hosted on our servers. No need to install or maintain files, web servers, or backups

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GEDCOM 5.5 Support

Import using GEDCOM 5.5 files from other family tree software

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Premium Membership

Includes GoogleMaps, larger families, and greater file storage


Viewing Family Tree

View family tree

Managing Family Tree

Editing family tree

Viewing user profile

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Editing user profile

Editing Donna's Profile

Editing family

Donna's Family

Viewing Media Attachments

Viewing Donna's Attachements

Viewing Source Citations

Donna's Source Citations

Viewing Family Report

Viewing Family Report

Genealogy Software Features:

  • Easily add new family members or events
  • Import and Export GEDCOM 5.5 files
  • Free version supports up to 500 family members
  • Premium membership supports unlimited trees, GoogleMaps, 10000 family members, and additional file storage
  • Upload photo, audio, video, or other documents
  • Invite unlimited people to help add/edit
  • Create and manage Repositories, Sources, and Source Citations
  • Open to receive feedback and ideas for additional improvements

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